New Google Advertising Tools Are On The Way

Stepping ahead of your competitors in the ecommerce world is never as simple as it seems. Pricing, digital marketing, branding, and customer service are all important factors that will work to separate your business from the pack. But what can you do to make sure your online business and marketing tactics are keeping up with the dynamic nature of the industry? We always recommend staying up-to-date with new tools that Google consistently rolls out to its AdWords users. In this blog post, we’ll give you an inside scoop on some recently announced Google marketing tools and opportunities!

Purchases on Google

Google recently announced they are officially beta testing a “Buy on Google” button embedded in Search Network ads. This feature is formally known as Purchases on Google, which was announced by Google back in 2015. Two years later, it seems that more businesses of various sizes are getting the opportunity to test out this quick-purchase advertising tool. It's currently in beta testing, and requires a purchaser to use the Google Wallet feature for the transaction to occur.

While it is still in development, advertisers on the Search Partner Network can look forward to quicker, more convenient buying processes like this one in the future. For e-commerce businesses, Purchases on Google should allow for more competition against the quick-shopping dominance that Amazon has displayed in recent years. Below, notice the blue “Buy on Google” Product Listing Ad that appeared when someone searched “uggs for women”.


Unfortunately this new purchasing tool is not available to all advertisers or audiences yet, but if you are a US retailer interested in participating in the beta program, fill out the request form here.

Product Listing Ads in Image search results

Product Listing Ads have launched in the top line of the Google Image search results page. First reported by Merkle in late 2016, Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) began showing up on mobile Image searches above organic image results. Currently, this feature is available to any Google Shopping campaign user that has opted to the Search Partner Network. The news is most likely a response by Google to searchers who desire some pricing info when researching different designs, colors, sizes, and other physical characteristics of a product. We suspect the likelihood of PLA conversions on the Image search results page will be lower than Google’s Search or Shopping results pages, however this shouldn’t deter e-commerce merchants from exploring opportunities to use more ad space, especially when it's so easy to set up. Participating in Image Search ads is as simple as opting a campaign into the Search Partner Network. Once that has been done, ads will automatically start appearing along image search results pages over time. If you’re not advertising your vast product inventory using a Google Shopping campaign yet, follow this helpful tutorial to get started!

Below are two screenshots of an Image search for the Real Madrid 2017 soccer jersey. Notice the row of product listing ads which appear above the organic image results in the desktop screenshot.



For this mobile image search, notice a similar placement of the Product Listing Ads above the organic image results.



If you want to know more about the latest AdWords updates and outlooks, we recommend bookmarking the Inside AdWords blog, Google’s official resource for AdWords news, info, and helpful tips.