Have you considered opening your business to foreign markets, but you are concerned that language barriers will restrict your business. The newest member of the Volusion Partnership Network has a solution.

GlobalNimbus Partnership

As we continue to find new partners in our mission to unite people and commerce, our associates constantly surprise us with their ability to remove the obstacles facing our merchants and open up markets that would have been inaccessible in years past.

The newest member of the Volusion Partnership Network has succeeded in its ambitious mission to put international commerce within the reach and budget of virtually any merchant.

GlobalNimbus: Enterprise success without the enterprise cost

GlobalNimbus is a turn-key service incorporating the tools and technologies that drive international results for many of the world’s largest e-commerce players. It combines top quality human translation with inexpensive machine translation in a way that allows Volusion merchants to profit from exploding international e-commerce growth.

The key for merchants is to get started. And GlobalNimbus makes this simple and inexpensive—deploy in as little as 2 hours for less than $100, then get your first 3 months free. Cancel at any time.

No technical or linguistic expertise is required on your part, which makes growing internationally a matter of your opportunities, not your limitations. After selecting your markets and painlessly deploying GlobalNimbus, your website will appear to international visitors in their native language–fully optimized for those markets.

Brought to you by the same company that powers several thousand multi-lingual websites for some of the world’s largest and most iconic brands, GlobalNimbus makes it easy for Volusion merchants to profit internationally.

“Worldwide ecommerce is growing fast. Volusion merchants now have a way to quickly and cost-effectively get found and sell into underserved markets around the globe”, says Joe Bley, GlobalNimbus’ Director of Business Development. “Our mission is to drive merchant profits by making international ecommerce easy.”

If you can ship internationally and have an assortment with broad appeal, we encourage you to sign-up.