As you may have heard, another security vulnerability hit the web this week. Despite its cute name, POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downloaded Legacy Encryption) carries a potentially big bite. The issue allowed cyber criminals to snoop on online activities for those who use web browsers utilizing the SSL 3.0 encryption standard.

Upon hearing Google’s announcement of the vulnerability, the Volusion team moved quickly to implement the security recommendations to remove any form of associated risk. Within 12 hours, the vulnerability was fully addressed across all critical systems, which means all Volusion sites are completely protected from any potential issues stemming from POODLE.

Although the overall impact of POODLE is small, especially when compared to other security bugs like Heartbleed, our team is committed to providing the most secure environment possible when hosting your online business. The only potential impact to your online store is for your customers that are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer, which is a very small number of shoppers. So if you receive a customer inquiry about a potential checkout issue, check to see if they’re using Windows XP with Internet Explorer, and if so, simply ask them to switch browsers.

While POODLE isn’t a cause for major concern, we wanted to address any potential questions you might have. Please note that there is no action required on your end – we’ve taken care of everything for you.

Thanks, as always, for trusting your business with us.