The 10 Best Social Media Marketers on Twitter


When I signed up for Twitter, I initially assumed it was just a nice place where I could tell corny jokes to my measly 103 followers. However, it didn't take me long to realize that Twitter, while fun to use, was a form of social media that wasn't about me...and that was its allure. Twitter is about the people with personal brands, the charismatic and often talented folks who have a wealth of expertise (or, at the most basic level, pretty selfies) to share with the world. And though people may not care about my corny jokes, I can sure learn a lot about marketing from the Twitter hard-hitters. These users know how to successfully utilize social media as a marketing tool, and are willing to impart this knowledge to their followers. Here are some of the top Twitter accounts you should be following for great social media secrets, advice and even a silly meme or two:

This is only a sample selection of the social media pros out there. Twitter is a wild and wonderful place, so set aside a half hour to explore and find other great influencers. Or if you don't have time to spare, just check out Volusion's Social Media & Marketing Twitter list.

Andrea Kinnison

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