New Updates to Responsive Design Templates

Volusion is excited to release new improvements to our responsive design templates, aimed at enhancing the mobile shopping experience for your customers. If you are just getting started with responsive design, we recommend reviewing our series of articles on responsive web design. In addition to making it easy for storeowners to set up responsive templates from the admin, here are the major updates to the responsive templates.

New product display enhances mobile shopping experience

With the new product grid display, the products on your ecommerce website will have large images and a simplified layout. There is now a better balance between text and images that will create higher engagement. Your shoppers can easily view, scroll and interact with your products on their mobile and tablet devices through a more unified shopping experience. This feature is applicable on homepage featured products, category pages, product pages and search results.

More sales with the omnipresent add-to-cart button

No matter what webpage your customer is on, they can quickly add their favorite products to the cart, leading to increased sales. Storeowners can also customize the add-to-cart button design to match their site’s overall design. The add-to-cart button will now be available on category pages, product pages and search pages.

Designed for SEO

In the new responsive templates, all the product-related content lives in one HTML wrapper. This means that the product title, description, price, image and other related information is associated with each other at the product level. The search engines can crawl the page faster and have a better context and understanding of the page. It also improves the mobile user experience and can boost organic rankings in Google search.

Excited to get started with the responsive templates for your online store? Learn more with this knowledge base article.