Visualize the ways that Volusion's new responsive design templates can breathe live into your site with insight and commentary from the designers who crafted them.


Over the past few months we’ve explored the technology, benefits and strategy behind responsive design in order to encourage our merchants to adopt our free and premium responsive templates. To provide and inside look at the philosophy and personalities behind these mobile and user-friendly layouts, we’ve asked the designers who composed them to talk about their vision for the templates and their creative process.


“Designing a template is a lot like making a dish for a potluck. You want it to be approachable, engaging and well received. Above all else, you want it to be enjoyed by everyone. By keeping Abode’s layout, colors, and fonts clean and simple an array of different merchants can use this template.

Abode’s main focal point is the large image at the top in which the menu, cart summary and search icon overlay. It reserves this spot to showcase your biggest promotion, best product or scene-stealing photo. With little to no distractions, the end user is engaged and can navigate through the site by either entering the shop or scrolling the site for additional information.”

– Kim Sullivan, Volusion Designer

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“When I start designing a template, I focus the target audience rather than tailoring the style to a certain industry. For Neon, I focused on a shopper who responds to bold colors and clean shapes; who is looking for a product that reflects their outgoing aesthetic.

Creating a profile of a target customer helps me step into the shoes of the user and get excited about designing for them. In the end, I have a template that is flexible for a lot of different stores to use, but still makes a strong statement.”

– Camri Hinkie, Volusion Sr. Designer

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“Working on Silo my goal was to create a foundation that allowed photography to shine with little distraction. The simple layout and combination of fonts makes this template flexible but not boring.

One of the great features of Silo is it's interesting combination of a monospaced font and serif font. This juxtaposition creates just enough visual interest without being fussy. Additionally, I kept the color scheme and layout simple to give this template flexibility. This flexibility allows Silo to work for many industries, including yours.”

– Jamie Aucoin, Volusion Design Team Lead

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