Matcha Source Shares Their Web Design Success Story
“We saw that traffic was really high on one of our pages and we wanted to increase the conversion rate. That’s where I really needed some help, crafting the story and creating these beautiful landing pages that were going to increase conversions and that’s when I picked up the phone and called the design team at Volusion. We talked about my business, we talked about the goals, we looked at the data, I gave them all of my branding elements and that’s it. I came back in two weeks and the pages were done, and it’s been really great because I can track and see how the conversions have improved from the before and the after and it really underscores the power of using design to sell your products.” – Alissa White

The last time that we spoke with Alissa White, we learned how she was able to turn a passion for invigorating matcha tea into a prosperous online business. But Alissa was able to do more than just find success—she was able to improve upon it. After noticing that several of her landing pages were responsible for the bulk of her business, she asked herself how she could turn more of those landing page visitors into customers.

These pages were already rich with information about matcha’s health and wellness benefits; all that remained was to pair that information with a layout and imagery that brought life to Matcha Source's, brand and mirrored Alissa’s adoration for her products. Alissa was able to see that goal materialize within two weeks after working with one of Volusion’s dedicated web designers.

Are you interested in increasing your conversion rates with a custom design project? Contact one of our web design professionals to learn more about what Volusion Design Services can do for your storefront.