We all know social media is a vital part of marketing your online store, and some of our merchants have really taken that sentiment to heart. Read on to see five examples of merchants who are knocking it out of the park with their social media presence.


It's one thing to do social media, but it's another thing to do social media well. We're constantly wowed by our merchants' creativity and commitment to their social presence, so we'd like to take a minute to give a shout out to a handful of social media profiles that truly stand out.

Read on to see what we love, why we love it and even find inspiration to make your online store's social media presence the best it can be!


1. Nissa Jewelry

Based out of New York City, Nissa Jewelry sells vintage-inspired, handmade jewelry favored by celebrities and socialites.

206 NissaJewelry Facebook Nissa Jewelry's Facebook page does a wonderful job of cohesively representing their brand aesthetic. The color palate is perfectly coordinated, and they even took the time to create custom, branded images for their app boxes. They also made sure to list all their various web addresses, which is important.

206 NissaJewelry Twitter Nissa Jewelry also shines in their Twitter strategy – they do a good job of connecting their products and promotions to current events and trends, such as a Groundhog's Day giveaway and a post about special birthday picks for customers born in February.


2. Alldogboots

Alldogboots.com sells adorable footwear (or… pawwear?) to keep your pup's paws protected and safe no matter what the weather.

206 alldogboots Facebook1 206 alldogboots Facebook2


This store is a great example of a business selecting very shareable photos and videos to post on their Facebook page. Cute animals are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and Alldogboots definitely delivers. Plus, by showing examples of a variety of dogs showcasing their products, they prove it works (and looks adorable, too!).


3. The Native State

If you need an example of a store that truly lets its visual aesthetic rule its social media efforts, look no further than The Native State.

206 TheNativeState Instagram

Selling a carefully curated collection of handmade apparel, accessories and jewelry from around the globe, The Native State has a beautiful Instagram profile. They post often but not too often, and their photo choices (a mix of products they sell, design ideas and beautiful travel shots that inspire their pieces) are brand-appropriate and creative.

206 TheNativeState Pinterest

The Native State employs the same dreamy photography style and blend of products and inspiration on their highly active Pinterest page, which has almost 800 followers.


4. ShadesDaddy

This Miami-based sunglasses retailer offers a wide selection of stylish shades and accessories for men and women, selling their products all over the world.

206 ShadesDaddy Facebook1

ShadesDaddy boasts an impressive 16,000+ fans on their Facebook page and takes advantage of that platform to regularly post vibrant images and giveaways featuring their products. ShadesDaddy Facebook2 ShadesDaddy Facebook3

Their Facebook wall is very active, with both posts from ShadesDaddy and their customers, and ShadesDaddy is ever vigilant in answering questions and engaging with fans, always while maintaining a helpful, laidback brand voice.


5. Elaine Turner

Her flagship store and design loft is located in Houston, but designer Elaine Turner's luxurious yet affordable styles can be found in boutiques and high-end department stores all across the United States.

206 ElaineTurner FacebookInstagram

Their Instagram feed is very on-brand, posting at least once a week with beautiful visuals of their shoes and accessories, and has smartly integrated their Instagram into their Facebook, making it easier for their 7,500+ fans to access their photos and driving traffic to their Instagram.

206 ElaineTurner Pinterest1 206 ElaineTurner Pinterest2 shoe





Elaine Turner's Pinterest is full of colorful, constantly updated Pinboards – naturally, they feature many of her designs, but Elaine Turner takes an extra step by describing how to tie them into the current season and trends, and also includes photos of travel destinations that have inspired the pieces.



By carefully yet colorfully maintaining their brand's personality across their social channels, these merchants are maximizing the massive potential social media has to drive new customers and business to their online stores. Use these examples to inspire your own social presence, and who knows, your Volusion store might just be featured on our blog next time around!

Happy selling!
-Emily Teachout, Volusion