Did you know that your Volusion store comes with a free, fully-optimized mobile site? Merchants using this feature see, on average, a 14% increase in sales. To learn more about these exciting capabilities, including our new mobile app, check out this post.


While there are several unknowns in the world of online selling, one thing is clear: mobile commerce is on the rise. In fact, 30% of ecommerce site traffic came from mobile devices in 2013, with a 20% increase in mobile traffic during last year’s holiday season alone.

In other words, having an online store that works across all devices, including tablets and smartphones, is now a full-on necessity.

Fortunately, your Volusion store comes equipped with a free, fully-optimized mobile site. This suite of tools allows your shoppers to buy from you anytime, anywhere by providing a truly mobile-friendly user experience, all the way from browsing to checkout. In fact, Volusion merchants using our mobile capabilities see, on average, a 14% increase in sales compared to those who don’t.

Beyond a sales boost and improved customer experience, here are a few reasons why you should enable your mobile store if you haven’t already:

  • Setup is a snap: Your mobile store is just a few clicks away. In your admin, simply go to Design > Mobile and under Mobile Storefront, set the switch to On. While you’re there, you can also enable Mobile Checkout by switching the Mobile Checkout setting to On.
  • Designed for any screen: Customers can easily navigate your site on their phone or tablet device, with the ability to view categories and products in the most intuitive way possible.
  • Android and iOS Ready: Your mobile store is designed to work on all major mobile platforms, with no additional setup required on your part.
  • Streamlined shopping experience: From storefront to order completion, your customers will receive a highly intuitive mobile experience. Better yet, you have the chance to customize the experience to meet your individual needs.
Want to learn more about our mobile commerce tools and how to make them work for you? Simply visit this Knowledge Base article: Volusion Mobile Commerce.


Volusion Mobile App

We get it – you’re a busy business owner that’s always on the go. That’s why we built the Volusion Mobile App, so you can monitor your store operations and performance, anytime, anywhere.

Available on both Apple and Android devices, the Volusion Mobile App allows you to:

  • View store orders and revenues via an intuitive dashboard
  • Receive low inventory alerts to ensure your store is always well-stocked
  • Process orders and receive payments directly from the app
  • Manage your inventory by adding products and editing existing items
  • Search your customer database to review past orders and notes
  • And much, much more!

Ready to get started? Of course you are! Simply download the Volusion Mobile App to be constantly connected to your online store.