10 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page in Less Than 20 Seconds

With the rise of business pages and social commerce, Facebook has solidified its spot as an ecommerce marketing mainstay. That means now more than ever, optimizing your Facebook page is absolutely critical to your online business' success.

Here’s a list of 10 quick and easy actions you can take to ensure potential customers notice, and more importantly, Like your page:

  1. Reposition photos: Anytime you upload an image to your Facebook page, be sure to click on the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of your post and reposition your photo as needed. Poorly placed product photos or company images can make your page look sloppy, so keep your timeline as tidy as possible. .
  2. Proofread your content: Does your “About” section make sense to new customers? Are you using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation? If the answer to either of these questions is no, you could be turning off customers by demonstrating a lack of professionalism. .
  3. Clean up: One of the best things about Facebook's layout is that it allows for easy housekeeping. Go back and add important milestones, or get rid of irrelevant posts from long ago. You can also utilize the “star” or “highlight” features on posts to bring attention to specific stories and distract from others. This is your chance at a fresh start, so make it count. .
  4. Link your social networks: Add your Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest account to a tab on your Facebook page so subscribers can engage with you on multiple platforms. You can use a free service like Involver to quickly install these apps. .
  5. Tag your fans: How will a customer know that you’re talking to them unless you tag them? This is a highly underestimated tool that can help provide a personalized experience for your subscribers. Simply type the “@” sign followed by the customer’s name that you’re talking to, and it will instantly tag them in the post. You can also link back to your business page from someone’s wall (another easy way to send more fans to your page). .
  6. Create a vanity URL: It’s extremely important to have a simple URL to direct customers to your page, which will help strengthen your brand and increase engagement. Simply visit the Facebook username page to get started. .
  7. Share often: Spread content on your personal Facebook page using the “Share” button directly below any post. Make sure to provide catchy headlines, as well as encourage fans to ask questions so they’re more likely to like your post and your page. .
  8. Pin it: Do you have an eye-catching product or interesting blog post to share? Pinterest is a great way to drive viewers back to your Facebook page through the use of visuals. It only takes a few seconds to pin, and voila! You’ve opened your Facebook page up to a whole new group of social media savvy customers. .
  9. Enable messaging: Need to discuss something one on one with a customer? By enabling private messaging, you can direct any conversation off of your page. To do this, go to the Facebook admin panel and click “manage permissions.” From there, check the box labeled “messages” and you’re all set. .
  10. Spread some cheer: Your Facebook fans don’t want to feel like you’re constantly trying to sell them something, so take a few seconds to write a quick status update that shows you care about them. Here’s an example: “Happy Friday! What are you doing to take your mind off the grind this weekend?” In doing this, you’ll create a tight bond with your most loyal fans and further increase positive engagement on your page. Win-win.

How do you spruce up your Facebook page? Share your insights below and feel free to add a link to your business page, so we can all learn a little something.