Web Design Apps: 6 Tools of the Trade

Creative work can get really hectic, really fast. One of our Design Team Leads shares her favorite web design apps and tools of the trade to keep you on-task and inspired.

Here in Creative Services at Volusion, we work on a variety of project types, ranging from designing merchant’s store-fronts to brainstorming ways to improve our processes, so staying organized and inspired is critical. As a visual-minded person this can be a challenge, so here are few of my favorite tools and apps that I use day-to-day to stay on track and keep the creative juices flowing.


Web Design Apps 1

I could not get through the day without OneNote. I keep all of my notes from meetings, client consults and presentations in this cloud-based, note-taking app. It makes it super easy for me to be able to access my documents from any device at any time to make quick edits. I can also share pages from my notebooks with co-workers in case they missed a meeting or we need to collaborate on project planning.​


Pinterest App

I am a visual person, to say the least, and Pinterest has changed the way I store and organize inspiration. Whether I found an awesome type treatment or want to save a design snippet that I really liked and want to use in a project, Pinterest has got me organized. Their browser bookmarklet makes it super easy for me to pin images I want to save for later.

Office365 + Google Calendar

Web Design Apps 2

When it comes to keeping my time scheduled, nothing beats my Office365 + Google Calendar setup (along with a great Project Coordinator). All of my work-related meetings are instantly added to my Google Calendar, which I have synced to my phone so I get reminders. I’ll never be late for another meeting.


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To get myself into “the zone," I have a premium subscription to Spotify which grants me access to thousands of songs and albums with no commercials. You can set up radio stations based on bands or create totally custom playlists with all of your favorite songs.


Web Design Apps 4

Web Design Apps 5

Whenever I’m working on a project and need another set of eyes on it, I can quickly drop a screenshot of it into RedPen.io to get feedback from my colleagues. They can simply click on a spot on the screenshot to leave a comment or suggestion. Just keep in mind that with the free version, your comments only last for 30 days before being deleted.

Pen & Paper

Web Design Apps 6

Ok, so maybe this isn’t an “app'" but nothing beats good old pen and paper when it comes to making quick and dirty sketches or notes. I carry around a standard spiral notebook to keep myself organized for daily tasks. It’s so satisfying to be able to cross something off of my to-do list each day and be able to see what I’ve accomplished.

There you have it, my top 6 apps to help keep me in-line and on-time. What are some apps you’re using to stay productive and inspired?