These Gadgets Will Make 2016 the Best Year Yet

Technology loves a captive audience, and who is a better target than the hyper-productive small business owner? Whether you find yourself doing the jobs of multiple people or simply crunched on time, these gadgets are sure to make your 2016 a happier and more productive year!

Solpro Solar Powered Smart Charger

As a busy entrepreneur, keeping your devices charged while you’re working with customers and vendors can be difficult. Introducing the Solpro solar powered charger, which provides a full charge to your smartphone after just 90 minutes of direct sunlight. This is a great way to stay connected while on the go!

Apple Watch and Wearable Tech

Last year, the tech world witnessed the release of the Apple Watch and other wearable tech devices that range in cost between $75 and $700. Pick the best option for your budget to help you stay productive, connect with others, track your steps and much more.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is more than just a quality sound system. It’s a control center for your smart home. Equipped with Alexa, Amazon’s version of Siri, this device can connect to your mobile phone, Nest thermostat, smart LED lights and more to allow you to easily control the mood, sound and lighting of your home office.


How many of us have been running late for a meeting or appointment and unable to find our mobile phone, keys or other essentials? Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to important items and track them on an easy-to-use app.


This smart wallet allows you to store multiple (thousands!) of credit cards into just one WocketCard to carry and pay for goods on the go. By selecting the card type on the screen and pulling out the WocketCard, it emulates that specific card and charges the account. It also categorizes your cards, stores your passwords and secures your data with pin or voice match.

ZUtALabs Pocket Printer

Everyone may be raving about 3D printing, but we’re all about convenience at Volusion. And printing on the go has never been easier than with the ZUtALabs pocket printer. This gadget is tiny, works with any device and prints on any size of paper to allow you to easily and quickly print documents while on the move. A must for any mobile business owner!

Kindle Paperwhite

Although the Kindle has been around for several years, the newest edition has elevated the device to its best version. With a high contrast, 300 PPI screen, user-friendly tools and a brand new font, this device makes it easier than ever to read all your favorites from any location.

What are you top gadget picks for 2016? Share them in the comments below!