Network Neutrality and the Small Business Owner

Find out what network neutrality means for your business and why Volusion is banding together with other ecommerce leaders to advocate for a democratic digital landscape.

This January, a U.S. appeals court stripped the FCC of its power to enforce network neutrality protections. This decision opened the door for cable companies to selectively restrict Internet speeds.

Essentially, network neutrality (or “net neutrality”) asserts that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.

Because the currents of modern content and ecommerce now flow over communication channels, network neutrality advocates fundamental principles of common jurisdiction and resists a tiered Internet system of service based on the ability to pay.

Today, along with Reddit, Etsy, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Namecheap, Vimeo and numerous other innovators, Volusion champions net neutrality and the fair and equal rights of small online business owners. Net neutrality is essential to small business owners who rely on ecommerce and expect fair and equitable Internet speeds, regardless of their business reach or wallet size.

Net neutrality is vital to your vision and success as well as ours.

A free and open Internet that supports an open ecommerce market and the native entrepreneurial drive is non-negotiable. The Internet must remain a forum for innovation and universal communication, providing us the space to achieve our visionary ambitions.

Competition makes us all stronger, better, and the ability to radically reinvent ourselves gives us a competitive advantage. The privileged few should not have the right to choose access or power for the rest of us. Entrepreneurs rely on freedom to choose their path to profit.

Time and speed are our most precious assets and small business owners don’t have time for slow lanes. We refuse to be shackled by those who fear our nimble innovation and want to crush our quick spirit with arbitrary fees or slow lanes that will hinder our progress and abundance.

Knowledge is power and those who fail to appreciate innovation have no right to determine the limits of entrepreneurial ambition. The ability to radically reinvent ourselves gives us a competitive advantage, and we believe in our right to be as strong and as fast as we can be, limited by no one and nothing other than our imagination.

If you champion small business, contact the FCC and voice your opinions on the importance of net neutrality to the small business owner before September 15th. And be sure to tell us how you think net neutrality impacts ecommerce in the comments section below!