Happy Google Mobile Algorithm Update Day!

Hey folks, today is the big day! Google's mobile algorithm update* is in effect as of today, so make some time to celebrate, grab an IPA, and pour one out for yesterday's mobile search results. Then, if you haven't already, read our detailed blog post on how to make sure your own website is mobile-friendly - and how to make adjustments if it isn't. Like the cupcake below, your website's mobile rankings are attached to a slowly-shrinking wick of flame that will explode, Wiley Coyote-style, if you don't make your last-minute checks and fixes today. But no pressure! As always, the Volusion team is here to help you address any questions or issues. Happy Mobile Games, everybody!

*Please note: We will no longer be referring to this update as "Mobilegeddon," as too many other marketers have rendered it a cliche.

Birthday cupcake with a sparkler