Ecommerce Marketing Roundup: Industry Updates From June 2016

In case this is your first time checking out our Ecommerce Marketing Roundup series, it’s a curation of the latest and greatest happenings in the industry aimed at helping you stay updated on important changes that can directly impact your business as well as highlighting new and exciting opportunities for brands.

In June, we welcomed the start of summer, and with it, some new and exciting changes in the world of ecommerce marketing. Read on to learn more about Search Console’s new feature, changes coming to Bing Ads and a new opportunity for local businesses.

What’s New in Google Search Console

Google recently added a new feature within the Search Analytics report of Search Console. This feature allows you to compare one query against another. Run a comparison to gain insight on how two different keywords or search terms are performing and how effective they are at driving traffic to your site. Google Search Console new feature

The comparison filter allows you to see how clicks, impressions and click-through rates of two different queries stack up to one another. You can currently only compare two queries. Access this feature by logging into your Google Search Console account, clicking on Search Analytics in the left-hand navigation and then clicking on the Queries section and selecting “Compare queries.”

Search Console Search AnalyticsSearch Console Compare QueriesIf you’re not familiar with Search Console, it’s a free tool that allows you to gain actionable insights on how Google is crawling and indexing a website and provides valuable information on a variety of elements that can influence ranking. Check out this blog post to learn more and get step-by-step instructions on setting up and verifying Search Console on your website.

Ads Coming to the Local Pack

Google confirmed that ads are coming to the Local Pack, but the timing and exact appearance and placement of the ads are yet to be determined.

At the SMX Advanced Local Workshop on June 21st, some of the new AdWords features and how they pertain to local was discussed. As seen in a screen shot shared with those in attendance (but not authorized for distribution), in a local 3-pack, the top listing was an ad, followed by two organic local listings. Google is still in the testing phase, so what we end up seeing may look different than this, but only time will tell.

Expanded Text Ads Coming to Bing

Google has been making a lot of changes over the past few months with the removal of right sidebar ads from desktop search engine result pages (SERPs) and the announcement that they will be rolling out expanded text ads across all devices. The move to expanded text ads means that two, 30-character headlines will replace the current one, 25-character headline and that a single, 80-character description line will replace the current two, 35-character description lines.

But wait – aren’t we talking about Bing?

The initial reaction to the announcement of Google’s expanded text ads was largely positive, but left some advertisers wondering how this change would impact their ability to synchronize their efforts across the two platforms, Google and Bing. The adoption of expanded text ads within Bing helped bring a sense of relief as the new specifications are in line with the changes coming to AdWords; the current 25-character limit for headlines will increase to 60 characters split into two unique 30 character titles, and the current 71-character limit for descriptions will increase to 80 characters. Bing’s expanded text ads should be available by the end of summer 2016.

Text ad parameters

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

With technology advancing at a lightning-fast pace, the way we interact with and use it in our day-to-day lives changes just as quickly. And with these changes comes a need to continually improve users’ experiences and also meet the ever-changing demands of brands and marketing professionals.

Big or small, when it comes to adding a new feature or changing how a website, platform or tool looks and/or functions, testing is a crucial factor. Paying attention to what is being tested can provide valuable insights into potential new opportunities and give you a heads-up of changes to come so you’re prepared.

Google AdWords Testing New Ad Extension

Google is currently testing a new ad extension in AdWords, similar to click-to-call ad extensions, that would allow users to send text messages to the advertiser. Clicking on the text message icon opens the user’s default messaging app and prefills the text message with the advertiser’s information. Google Adwords ad extension

Facebook Testing Social Commerce Payments

Facebook is expanding its focus on payments with a new trial in Thailand that allows users to purchase and pay for products listed on Facebook Pages with a couple of clicks. The user would be able to make a payment to the Page owner via a credit card, debit card or online bank transfer without ever leaving the social network. It’s still to be determined whether or not this functionality will expand to larger audiences.


And that’s our round-up of the month – feel free to add anything we may have missed in the comments below, or send over any questions you may have about this information. And happy marketing!