Ecommerce Marketing Roundup: Industry Updates From July 2016

In case this is your first time checking out our Ecommerce Marketing Roundup series, it’s a curation of the latest and greatest happenings in the industry aimed at helping you stay updated on important changes that can directly impact your business as well as highlighting new and exciting opportunities for brands.


July welcomed a few twists and turns for online marketers, with many focused on Google's paid advertising platform AdWords. Google Shopping and text ads put into place new updates that will affect the way your customers discover with your online store.


What's New With Google Shopping

Search engine result pages can now feature products in a "Showcase Shopping" format which creates a tiny ecommerce experience on the SERP. Brands like ASOS (highlighted in the above gif from PPC Hero) and others can show a variety of products for broad-term keywords, which means that broad-term conversion rates could increase.


Automatic Currency Conversion

Google Merchant Center has always required a price, but the currency was always set at the account level. Now, Google will automatically switch the currency to what customers prefer. This won't affect many merchants but does signal some proactive changes concerning your data coming from Google.


Adios Converted Clicks

Google announcing that 'converted clicks' was being sunset was a pretty surprising turn of events. Introduced over 15 years ago, converted clicks has become somewhat of an outdated metric as better tracking options have become available. Converted clicks are a bit different than standard conversions because it is modeled after the 'one click' option. Even if a customer clicks through an ad and purchases multiple times, it was still 1 click through the ad which led to the sale. It served as a better metric to see how effective the ad itself was (rather than the service/product being rendered). linked accounts

Instagram Updates

Instagram rolled out new comment moderation tools for business, allowing you to block comments that contain words or phrases from a blacklist. Like the language filter under the customer review settings, you now will have control what your comments cannot say, to some degree. Profanity and maybe some competitor’s names may appear in your future settings. instagram

Facebook Ad Changes

New rules for text in ad visuals has made it a bit more lenient for your images. There are now four ratings for the amount of text that appears on the visual, and how that will affect performance. If it’s clear, you're okay and ads will serve normally, but the more text on the picture the lower your ads reach will be. If the image text ratio is high, your ads may not run at all. Our recommendations will be to stick to your original formatting, but if those restraints are holding you back creatively feel free to flex up just a bit.


And that’s our round-up of the month – feel free to add anything we may have missed in the comments below, or send over any questions you may have about this information. And happy marketing!