Ecommerce Marketing Roundup: Industry Updates From October 2016

Get ready for our latest installment of the marketing roundup, our curation of all the latest happenings in the ecommerce industry. October saw changes in Google Shopping ads, Analytics, and various social platforms. Read on to learn more!

Shopping Ads


As Google continues to test ways to improve search and shopping experiences, we are starting to see the return of carousel Shopping Ads. In order to give users more options when searching for products online, the previously-tested carousel banner will allow shoppers to scroll through two sets of ads before being asked to click away to view a full page of results matching their query.

Google formerly tested this functionality, but has since given its appearance an overhaul for a style that more closely resembles mobile Shopping Ads. This new functionality will not impact organic search results as it will not take up more real estate than previous ads.

Click to Text



If you're a small business owner without the additional assets required to employ full-time phone staff, your load may soon be lightened. Realizing that some businesses have a tough time staying on top of answering phone calls in addition to dealing with day-to-day business management, Google is currently testing "click to text", which allows users to text businesses directly via SMS instead of having to place a phone call. This option even offers customization to help you deal with and answer messages to customers even when you're not online.

Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to keep track of your business' progress, you'll be happy to know that Google will soon be launching improvements to help enhance user experience within Analytics. october3

Expect to see a simplified navigation, a more consolidated way of customizing reports and a better way to switch between the Account, Property and View pages.

Logging in will also take users back to the last viewed page within Google Analytics, and comparison date ranges can be adjusted to reflect data over the course of any time period, not just 30 days.
Google will also be removing in-page analytics from the reporting feature. However, this valuable feature will still function as before via its official Chrome extension.

Holiday Data


As the holidays swiftly approach and browsing and purchasing on mobile devices continue their upward trend, we recommend keeping these statistics in mind:

  • Half of smartphone users have at one point or another discovered a new product or brand while browsing on their phones.
  • One quarter of mobile users in the U.S. have visited YouTube to gain additional insights into a product they've found online.
  • The search term "best gifts" is experiencing a continual upward trend, especially among mobile users.
october5 Based on last year's figures, we expect mobile conversion rates to begin rising on Veterans day, followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and continue into the first week of January.



Good news for businesses utilizing Instagram to showcase their products! The social platform will begin testing purchasing options similar to those found on Polyvore. Posts containing purchasable items will contain an icon at the bottom left of a photo to allow users to view the various showcased items and their prices. When clicked, customers are taken directly to the applicable product page on the merchant's site.


Facebook business pages will soon contain new call-to-action buttons to improve customer experience and increase clicks and conversions. These buttons will include options to request a quote, book a service and shop for all available products. Similar to the changes we'll be seeing with Instagram, Facebook will soon allow product tagging in the Shop section.


Reddit has launched interest targeted ads. The ads are designed to focus on the user's interest based on which communities he or she most frequently visits, and are intended to eliminate irrelevant ads for a better user experience. Users will be able to opt out of targeted ads, but all users will continue to see ads targeted at specific subreddits.

And that’s our round-up of the month – feel free to add anything we may have missed in the comments below, or send over any questions you may have about this information. And happy marketing!