Design Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2016

At Volusion, we’re always looking towards the future to help better serve our merchants. To help your business start the year off right, we asked our Creative Services designers about the top trends and predictions for 2016. Here’s what they had to say:

Full Screen Video

“Full screen videos are already replacing the classic slideshow and this trend will continue in 2016 as companies try to make their sites stand out from their competitors and connect more with their users.  Some great examples include Paperless Post, The Yacht Company and Sweet Punk.

Bright gradients will also sneak into 2016, replacing the flat designs that have been the recent trend, such as Melanie F, Impossible Bureau and Segment."

Sarah Cottle, Design Team Lead

Mega Menus

“Mega menus are great at improving usability, customers love them, and they’re everywhere. Some sites favor simplifying the top navigation menu and letting multi-column pop-outs handle the finer details. A few examples include Patagonia, Stanley Tools and Lowes. Others prefer to keep all of the top-level categories and provide an abundance of choices in the mega menu, such as The North Face or New Egg.

Even sites with a fairly minimal product line like Everlane are using multi-column dropdowns to help shoppers find the right category. And many sites, including ModCloth and Warby Parker, use the mega menu for additional product imagery."

Kelly Hanner, Web Designer

More Gradients

"Although we have grown accustomed to flat design, I believe designers will begin to incorporate gradients into their work much more frequently in 2016. Gradients, when done well, add visual interest depth and richness to an overall design. Check out uiGradients to find excellent gradient inspiration."

Jessica Resendiz, Web Designer

Minimal UI

"I predict that websites and mobile apps will continue to be minimal and modern with a focus on bold imagery and typography. We can also expect to see more unique functionality, micro-interactions and attention paid to UI/UX that will make the mobile and web experience even better for users. Web Designer Depot has a great article with examples of micro-interactions."

Calandra Buckner, Web Designer

Super Saturated Colors

"Bright, bold and highly saturated colors will become more common in 2016 as brands use them to stand out and make a lasting impression.  Yummy Extensions and Mad for Monograms are great examples of sites already adopting this trend."

Wes Asbell, Web Designer

Emoji’s Everywhere

"You’re probably already using them on your phone and online chats but I think 2016 will be the year that emojis make their big move. From email subject lines to product descriptions, this is the year that emojis go mainstream."

Dave Huffman, Director of Creative Services