Icons are a common universal language that, when used properly, enhance the user’s experience. Read this post for 5 icon resources you can add to your online store today.


Icons are everywhere. A quick review of any major website shows that they are filled with icons. Why? Because they are an essential part of web design. Icons are universal symbols that navigate and orient the reader, help establish a brand identity, and can be used to draw attention to important content. The following is a collection of free icons you can use on your website to enhance your visual content.


Vector Icons

These websites each have an extensive collection of free vector icons you can easily download and use.
  • FlatIcon contains over 46,000 vector icons free to download in PSD, PNG, and SVG format. If you have Photoshop, be sure to download their free plugin.
  • Iconmonstr hosts a large collection of beautiful icons with a simple, easily searchable website.

Icon Fonts

Icon fonts enable you to easily change the size, shape, and color using CSS. They also look good on any resolution including retina displays.
  • GlyphSearch allows you to search the 4 most popular icon font directories with one easy to use website.
  • Fontastic is another excellent resource for icon fonts. Though completely free, Fontastic requires a sign-up to use their icon fonts.

Social Media Icons

If you’re looking for a set of social media icons for your website, this site has you covered. Boasting 40 unique sets ranging from clean and simple to fun and quirky, you’re sure to find a set you like. Icons can be a great finishing touch on your website design and have tremendous value to your content. Are you currently using icons on your online store? Be sure post a link in the comments and share tips with our readers below.