How are you preparing for the most patriotic day of the year? Only a couple of days away, the Fourth of July weekend is definitely one of the most exciting weekends for many Americans. Not only do we get a long weekend, but the whole preparation for it awakens the American spirit in all of us! No matter how you and your loved ones are celebrating America’s grand holiday - with fireworks, hot dogs, beaches, or grilling - they are all important elements of what makes a great Fourth of July weekend.

For that reason, we've collected a few of our favorite items to mark the occassion. Plan the perfect Fourth of July celebration and show your American pride with one of our selected items (which have all been proudly made in the USA!).

Happy Fourth of July!



La Caja China, featured in Orange is the New Black, is definitely one of the most popular choices when it comes to selecting a quality grill. This roasting box includes a stainless steel pan and grid, S/S pan holder, and marinating syringe. Perfect for an outdoor celebration, it can cook up to 16 lbs of turkey, 2-3 whole chickens, 2 pork ribs slabs, and 1-2 pork shoulders.


You can’t grill without the BBQ sauce! BBQ Addict’s “Burnt Finger Smokey Kansas City Sampler” package contains a bottle of each of their champion sauces and a single shaker of all-purpose seasoning. It is the perfect addition to any BBQ setup.


If you are going to be anywhere near a lake, pool, or beach, then this is a must-have item. PoliceTee’s American Thin Blue Line Beach Towel features detailed printing that is fade resistant. Plus, the front side has a fuzzy velour that is extremely soft and the reverse side is a plain white terry cloth that makes it easy for you to dry off quickly!


Celebrate to the fullest in a hip and stylish way with these USA socks! Not only do they look nice, but they also have an unmatched performance. All of Strideline’s socks contain an impact absorbing cushion, a strapped fit, a lo-temp ink fusion, and a rear pull tag.


Wear your American pride with one of these short sleeve American Flag polos. Exclusively from All USA Clothing, the colors on this polo are sublimated so that they will resist fading and discoloration for years! Its lightweight and soft moisture wicking poly texture makes it perfect to wear outdoors and in heated areas.

Selfie Capture all of your favorite Fourth of July moments with this telescoping selfie stick! It is perfect for large group and action shots. Thumzz Up created this selfie stick to last with a solid stainless steel construction, foldable stick, and 270 degree head rotation. It is strong enough to hold iPhones and even Go Pro style cameras. Flag

These mini American flags can make great props for parties and photo booths, and are a great item for celebrating the Fourth of July in a fun and cheerful way! They are made from a special “no-fray” cotton and do not require hemming. They can be found in multiple sizes at American Flags Express.


Perfect for any outdoor activity, Tula’s Hats are always one of our essential items to pack! This is a one size beach hat, with a nylon chin strap and hand-woven palm. You can find a variety of sizes and styles, including a unisex collection on their site.

What are you doing for the Fourth of July this year? Let us know in the comments!