4 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Customers

Is Halloween your favorite time of year? Celebrate along with your customers through contests and charity.

While October is the perfect time to prepare for the holiday season, don’t let dreams of December sales ruin your Halloween fun; for many of your customers, this is their favorite time of year, so celebrate with them on your site and on social media. Here are four ways you can do so:

Costume contests

This one may be obvious, but it never fails to please. If you already have an active social media community, it’s almost a guaranteed success. Invite your followers to post images of their costumes and send one of your most popular products to the winner. Don’t forget to keep in touch with the winner and remind them to post a photo of their prize.

Pumpkin carving contests

This is a great way to stand out from competitors who are already sponsoring costume contests, and you’ll often find even more creativity at work. For whatever reason, pumpkin carving often encourages even more dramatic competitiveness than costumes, with elaborate shading, painting, props and pumpkin-sized costumes. Be prepared to reward the extra effort.

Let your followers be the judge

If you have festive employees who have been talking about their Halloween plans all month, you can turn the tables and have your employees dress up and let your followers judge the contest. If they are creative enough, you may find that these images are more popular than any prizes that you offer.

Go trick-or-treating without leaving your store

If you have a brick and mortar store, put out a collection cup and trick-or-treat for UNICEF. The money you collect will go towards helping children around the world stay health and well-nourished. Even as little as a dollar will give a child 40 days of clean water. Let your followers know about the time and effort you are donating to the cause, and encourage them to do the same. Good will is contagious, especially in social media.