Volusion vs. Shopify

See why Volusion merchants sell more products and keep more profits than Shopify merchants

Volusion Has No Hidden Transaction Fees

"...Shopify is NOT very clear on the transaction fees and advertising these fees to potential users. Shopify needs to do a better job of making these fees apparent. I don't see an incentive to stay with Shopify long when they are entitled to 2% of my sales."

-Shopify Customer
Volusion Revenue
Shopify Revenue

When we say "No transaction fees", we mean it. Volusion offers you and your customers the freedom to choose your preferred payment options without penalty, wherever your business is located.

Volusion lets you keep your hard-earned money without restrictions and fine print.

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All-In-One Ecommerce Solution

"You can tell that Volusion has thought about the features and it shows the maturity of the product. I'm trying to get things done quickly and those things are important to me."

-Michael, Tinmall.com
All-In-One ecommerce solution

Volusion offers a complete ecommerce solution to quickly set up your business and start selling online. Our features and integrations are built into your plan without add-on costs, which can save you hundreds of dollars (or more) every month.

With Volusion, you don't have to pay extra for crucial features. Here are just a few of the integrations we offer off the bat:

  • SEO Management
  • Abandoned Carts*
  • Automatic Tax Rates
  • Facebook Store

View our store plans to see a full list of everything included with Volusion.

*Only included on the Shopify Professional and Unlimited plans

Checkout on Your Own Domain

"Your customers will be browsing your store, but then when they checkout they will leave your store and be redirected to checkout.shopify.com ... this probably sounds fine to you because you know about Shopify, but Joe Blogs probably doesn't have a clue who Shopify might be and probably thinks it is a foreign phishing site."

-Shopify Customer

Ensure your customers can trust you with their important information by avoiding a redirect when it comes time to collect payment. Volusion offers custom SSL certificates to keep your customers on your domain throughout the entire checkout process.

Our secure data center is the technology hub for your online business. Data center services include professional 24x7 monitoring, automatic daily backups, disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Checkout on your own domain

Switching from Shopify?

Switching from Shopify
Learn how easy it is to migrate your Shopify store.

Whether you've outgrown your current platform, are dissatisfied with customer service or need more control over your online business, we make it easy to switch to Volusion with our import/export tools, integrations and 24x7 support.

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