Sell More With Etsy and Volusion


Easily connect your Etsy shop to your own online store.
Find new customers, get more sales and boost your brand.

How Does It Work?


Grab Your Listing Info From Your Etsy Store

Grab your listing info from Shop Manager > Settings > Options. Then, click the Download Data tab and the Download CSV button to save the file to your computer.

Open Your Own Online Store With Volusion

Get everything you need to start your own online store: great themes, ecommerce tools, and marketing features with your Volusion store plan. If you don't already have a store, start a 14 day free trial.


Email Your Etsy Info to the Volusion Team

Send your CSV data file (see step one) to our team. Use this or email us at

Relax and Let Our Team Handle the Import

Our ecommerce experts will upload your Etsy products for free and let you know when they're live on your Volusion store!


5 Reasons
You Should Also Have Your Own Online Store

Build Your Own Brand Recognition

Only selling on Etsy results in lost opportunities to build your brand. Customers will often say they "bought it on Etsy" rather than your store.

Keep More of Your Profits

Etsy fees are hefty: 3.5% per transaction, you could lose hundreds in revenue each month. Volusion plans charge less than 1%.

Improve Your SEO Rankings

When users Google your business, you'll miss out on the significant SEO benefits of sending them directly to your website.

Have Room to Grow

Whether you're launching a new product or want to expand existing items, Etsy has limited functionality to support this level of growth.

Control Your Terms of Service

Etsy has full control over the transaction fees, marketplace brands and search algorithms that can make or break your business.

Open Your Own Online Store Today!

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