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  • No transaction or listing fees, ever
  • Fully customizable web designs
  • No competition from other listings
  • 24x7 personalized support
  • 3.5% transaction fee, 20¢ listing fee
  • Unable to customize Etsy store design
  • Listed with thousands of similar products
  • No human support, only online help

"Having a standalone site allows you to display your branding and message however you like. Especially with a new and unique product, a standalone site builds brand trust."

-Cassandra, Former Etsy Seller

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No Transaction or Listing Fees, Ever

When we say 'no transaction or listing fees,' we mean it. Unlike Etsy, Volusion doesn’t penalize you for your success, allowing you to be more profitable.

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Etsy your total revenue

"There are listing fees and final sale fees on Etsy as well as the PayPal processing fee, which can really add up if you list a lot of items."

-Nidhi, Etsy Seller

Your Own Custom Ecommerce Website

"There is a limit to how much personalization a customer can do through an Etsy listing. Whereas on my own website, I can make the experience much better for my customers."

-Jennifer, Former Etsy Seller

Unlike Etsy, Volusion offers a complete ecommerce solution so you can quickly start selling on a website that's truly yours. Volusion offers hundreds of free, fully customizable design themes to build a brand that's as unique as your handmade products. Not only that, you have the freedom to sell and market your products everywhere, including Facebook, Google and Amazon.

With Volusion, the sky is the limit thanks to:

  • Fully customizable design themes
  • Access to your customers' information for additional marketing
  • Built-in Marketing tools for email, social media and search engines
  • And much more!

View our store plans to see a full list of everything included with Volusion.

Your Own Custom Ecommerce Website

Shine the Spotlight on Your Products

"As sellers, we were lucky in the old days that Etsy helped us get our businesses off the ground and reach a wider audience, but now it just seems like you list something and it gets lost in the noise."

-Sadie, Former Etsy Seller

Etsy results

With more than 30 million items listed on Etsy, it can be next to impossible for shoppers to find your products among thousands of listings. For example, searching for "mermaid" in the wedding gown category returns almost 1300 results alone. Not only that, but Etsy now allows manufacturing partners and resellers to flood their products onto common listings.


Thankfully, your Volusion store will break through the clutter so the spotlight can shine on your items. From product options to color swatch tools and beyond, shoppers will be able to quickly and easily find, select and purchase all of your products.

La Campagne Paris

Personalized Support Every Step of the Way

"Volusion has incredible customer service. We know they will always be prompt to help fix any problem or answer any question in a kind and thorough manner."

-Natasha, modstraps.com

Personalized Support Every Step of the Way

Here at Volusion, our mission is to ensure your online business is a success. That's why we're here to help every step on the way, offering 24x7 support from our team of ecommerce experts. Based in Austin, Texas we have over 450 team members fully dedicated to supporting your business.

Whether it's by phone, email or online chat, we're available to answer any questions you have, no matter what day or time it is. Not only that, we're constantly sharing helpful information and tips to make your Volusion store more profitable.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Volusion and Let's Build a Business Together.

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