Web Wednesdays: The Best Ecommerce Articles We Didn’t Write

Check out these must-read articles for the latest news and views in ecommerce and online marketing.

The world of ecommerce is aflutter with breaking stories, strong opinions and insightful analyses. Check out our favorite articles so far this week:

Ecommerce News

comScore Reports $50 Billion in Q4 2011 US Retail Ecommerce Spending
Even more records were shattered at the end of 2011, a banner year for ecommerce. comScore reports that ecommerce sales hit $49.7 billion in Q4, a 14% increase over 2010. Even more, ecommerce spending topped $161 billion, a 13% increase in 2010. Will we see this growth continue in 2012?

That Shipping Rate Hike May Be Higher than It Appears
Paul Demery of Internet Retailer takes a closer look into the recent announcement from UPS and FedEx that both carriers will be increasing their shipping rates by an average of 4.9%. If you ship via these two providers, we recommend taking a look to see how this will truly impact your bottom line.

‘Amazon’ Tax for Online Sales Wins Unanimous Senate Money Committee Support
Debate on an internet sales tax moves further ahead with a unanimous vote from the Senate Finance Committee. Despite this, there are still several obstacles before this legislation will be passed. Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal for opinions on both sides (and don’t be afraid to form your own).


Social Media

How Pinterest is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business
Everyone’s heard of Pinterest by now, but just how valuable is it for your online business? For starters, it’s driving more traffic to company websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Check out this article as Jason Falls from Entrepreneur magazine takes a deeper look at this ever-growing social media site.

Social Media and Donuts
In case you missed everyone’s favorite Instagram photo this week, take a look at Three Ships Media’s creative chart that explains social media through donuts. It’s clever and funny, but more importantly, if you aren’t well versed in all things social media, it provides a great starting point.

Facebook rolls out new photo viewer, similar to Google+
Facebook began rolling out its (strangely familiar) new photo viewer this week. Are you using it yet? Do you love it or think it’s a total G+ rip off? Emil Protalinski at ZDNet gives an overview of the latest Facebook update.



Consumers Concerned About Personalized Search Results
A recent eMarketer study shows that nearly half of internet users prefer standardized search results instead of personalized ones. Will these opinions have any impact on Google’s announcement that it will begin incorporating content from users’ Google+ network?

Do This, Not That: SEO Content Edition!
Elisa Gabbert of Search Engine Journal shares three simple tips to help create content that will help provide positive SEO gains, including: leveraging videos, updating an old page instead of starting from scratch, and conducting group interviews. We find the first two to be particularly useful for your ecommerce site.

The 80/20 Value of Titles
This post from SEOmoz provides tangible tips on creating compelling titles and headlines that will boost the number of clicks to your pages and blog articles. The “7 Ingredients of a Click Worthy Title” is particularly helpful, as it effectively breaks down what makes a title that breaks through the clutter.


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