The How-To for an Easy Web Design Makeover

Website Makeover
Spring cleaning is here. This year take it online and give your website a design make-over! As the graphic designers for .NET Magazine* remind us, a stunning website design make-over can be easy (not to mention lucrative) this season.

  1. Make It Clear
    • Use an easy to navigate standard layout
      Customers expect to see certain standards on a website- like the company logo on the top left and the core navigation across the top or down the side. These standard layout aspects create a sense of familiarity that encourages potential customers to hang around and browse the site.
    • Have an identifiable hierarchy of information
      Each page should have basic information like a page title, readable main copy, and easy to find links. Providing the basic information customers will need when they are on your site allows them to spend more time shopping and less time searching for relevant information.
  2. Use Strong Color
    • Make clear bold distinctions between information
      If you are trying to draw attention to something on your website color is a great way to accomplish this. Even very neutral color schemes can use changes in color for this purpose. Just keep in mind that you do not want to use too many colors on your site- especially one on page.
    • Keep consistent colors throughout the site
      Make sure to keep color consistency from page to page when it comes to links, titles, prices, product descriptions, etc.
      Please note that “strong color” is not necessarily a synonym for “bright color,” and should be used wisely to avoid creating distractions!
  3. Have Emotive Images
    • Use relevant graphics that also evoke emotion
      While it is easy to get images of the products you are using you should make sure that the images will provoke an emotional response in the viewer in order to get the highest conversions. For this reason it is often a good idea to invest in professional images.
    • Properly crop, size and position all images for highest quality
      Your images should be of high quality and well fitted to your website. Using stock images can work well as long as you make sure that image will fit the space you are putting it in on your website (both in size and style). Make modifications if necessary to get the right look with any images you choose to put on your site (especially the ones placed on the home page).
  4. Keep It Fresh
    • Make sure to add new products when possible
      New products breathe life into your website. Adding new products frequently keeps regulars checking back more frequently and can increase the number of sales you are getting.
    • Include a Featured Products or Best Seller list that you can periodically update
      A featured products list is beneficial because it tends to add a sense of urgency to the purchase. Featured products tend to sell out quickly, be on sale for only a short time, etc. Therefore, buyers feel a greater need to buy right away rather than shop around and return at a later date. A best seller list puts your products into perspective for consumers. By giving potential customers and idea of what other customers are buying, you can persuade them to buy as well.
    • Mark select items with distinctions to customer attract attention
      Set products apart by labeling them with a special distinction like “Editor’s Choice” or “Seasonal Favorite.” These types of product accolades persuade potential customers to buy in the same way that a Best Seller list would.
  5. Include Bargains
    • Persuade customers to buy and get them excited about buying more frequently with promotions or bargain items
      Everyone loves a bargain- why not include it in your design? Exciting buttons with discounts or promotions can be attention grabbers when done correctly.

Need some professional help? Volusion’s experienced design team can help you cross these items off your to-do list!

* “/Makeover” .NET Magazine. Jan 2009- Issue 184. Page 97.

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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