Website’s First Impression: Getting Outside Opinions to Better Sell to Your Customers

Design your ecommerce site to impress customers.

In less than half a second, a website can form a lasting first impression on its visitor. In that short amount time, they’ll either decide to stick around or will click away just as fast as they clicked their way there.

So how can you determine what your website’s first impression is? Ask for an outside opinion.

It may be hard to determine for yourself- since you’ve already seen your own site several times and your opinion may be a bit biased, so ask others for help (neighbors, friends, family, etc). Simply tell them to take a quick look at your site and to give their first impression. Make sure to ask for an honest opinion and be completely open to constructive criticism. Any outside opinion will help, even if it’s your 10 year old neighbor with the word “boring”.

For example. if you’re selling iPods that word may be a deal breaker, while selling office supplies on a boring site may not be all that bad. For a completely unbiased first impression, you could also try a few chat rooms. A quick, “you mind telling me if this site looks okay?” will do. Find one that applies to what you’re selling to get a first impression from a potential customer (a sports fan chat room for sporting goods, nutrition site for vitamins, etc).

Once you’re done gathering opinions, take a hard look at the information you’ve found. Use the results to determine whether or not that first impression is indeed “impressive” or if your site is in need of a desperate make-over. Your site provides customers with specific products, so it should have a specific look and feel to help users relate to what you’re selling. Put them in the mood for what you offer and chances are they will be more willing to trust that you are worthy of their purchase!

For Volusion Customers, see the “Review My Site” section in the Forum for an outside opinion.

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-Stacie Leonard, Ecommerce Marketing/Copywriting

8 Responses to “Website’s First Impression: Getting Outside Opinions to Better Sell to Your Customers”

  1. Tracey knight

    Any chance you can take a look at my website I seem to get a lot of people looking at my site and they seem to store things in the shopping basket but then either cancel the basket of just leave it, they never seem to complete the orderes

  2. tracy collins

    This is AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Monica Dahl

    Are you still giving coments on websites? I would love to have an honest opinion about mine.
    Thanks a bunch,

  4. RIVWorks


    Nice article. FYI your link in the article: is broken.


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  5. Gadgets

    If anyone’s still reviewing sites and commenting, we’d appreciate some feedback on our site.

  6. Joe

    Hi Stacie,
    Would you mind looking at my site and giving me some suggestions. We seem to be getting some traffic but not many sales.

  7. Joe

    You mind telling me if this site looks okay?
    Thanks, Joe

    Hi Joe. Let me take a look at your site and I will send you an e-mail with some suggestions!


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