Volusion’s Newest Feature: Social Store Builder

volusion social store builder

Volusion’s Newest Feature: Introducing Social Store Builder™*

MySpace and Facebook, the two most popular social networking sites on the internet, give online business owners the ability to place their products and services in front of thousands of potential customers in a more personal, and easily accessible environment. With the ability to reach large and targeted audiences, the customizable, interactive and user-friendly interface of these sites introduce social networks as an ideal platform to expand online businesses.

Signing up for a profile with MySpace or Facebook is relatively easy, and it’s free! Currently Volusion is the only ecommerce solution to offer an integration with Myspace and Facebook called Social Store Builder™. This new feature allows store owners to easily add products from their online store directly onto their social profiles, giving customers the ability to check out securely from a merchant’s online storefront.

Find out how Social Store Builder™ can help gain additional exposure for your online store today!

*Currently available for all Gold plans and above.

Happy Selling!

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