Volusion UK Teaches 300 Start-ups How to Sell Online

Last week, the Volusion UK team hosted workshops for over 300 business start-ups,
showing them how to effectively sell online at the Business Start-Up Show in London.

Volusion UK Teaches How to Sell Online

Two years ago, we opened our UK office with a mission to support the growth of our international clients. Since then, we’ve helped over 1,000 merchants set up an online business and position themselves for success with the ecommerce tools, features and support they need to morph from a start-up entrepreneur into an online guru.

Along the way, we’ve met hundreds of businesses looking to take their first steps online, but just weren’t sure how. So last week, we got together with the organisers of the biggest business start-up show in the UK to host 14 workshops over two days, all with the aim of providing a hands-on experience to demonstrate how easy it is to sell online with us.

The workshops were a huge success and we were overwhelmed by the response (sorry to all of the visitors who had to watch from outside, you’re all rock stars for hanging around and taking notes).

It was great to speak to so many people with different experiences to better understand the issues some faced when trying to set up their online stores in the past. We’re glad to have helped demystify many of the misconceptions and concerns about ecommerce technology and online marketing today.

Even more, we were invited to make a guest appearance at a couple of seminars hosted by our partners at Realex Payments, where we looked at ‘Mastering the Basics of Selling Online.’

There were some great questions from the audience after the seminar sessions as well, with lots of people comparing the real costs of opening shop online if they go down the bespoke build route instead of the hosted, web-based route that Volusion specialises in.

Overall, we had a great show and are looking forward to participating again next year! Be sure to check out the pictures below.

Happy Selling!

-Sonu Sayeed, Marketing Director, Volusion UK

Volusion UK Helps Start Ups Sell Online

Volusion UK Helps Start Ups Sell Online

Volusion UK Helps Start Ups Sell Online

Volusion UK Helps Start Ups Sell Online

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