Volusion Releases Exciting New Template Enhancements

We’ve made several enhancements to nine of our new free templates, including restyled soft add to cart, streamlined one page checkout and more. Read on to learn more about getting started with these tools.


When it comes to selling more online, seamless shopping is the name of the game. That’s why we’re proud to share several enhancements to nine of our newest free templates, all of which are designed to create a more delightful experience for your customers. Major updates to these templates include: a new soft add to cart modal, streamlined one page checkout, an autosizing logo capability and easy on-page editing of storefront header and footer menus.

Here’s the rundown of what these new enhancements have to offer, and how you can start taking advantage of them now.


New soft add to cart modal

Soft add to cart is a proven way to boost conversions while reducing abandoned carts, making this an important tool to guide shoppers through the purchasing process. To help you further benefit from this feature, we’ve made some adjustments to how soft add to cart works with your Volusion store. First, the cart is now anchored in the top right corner of your storefront – even when the shopper adds an item to the cart when below the fold, it will pop them back to the cart view at the top of the page.

The cart icon at the top of the screen now also shows the number of items that are currently in a customer’s shopping cart, and dynamically updates when items are added. As shoppers add items to the cart, those products are now sorted in descending order with the most recently added item listed at the top. And finally, based on requests from merchants like you, shoppers can’t delete items from the soft add to cart view, which is intended to help you sell more by removing the ability for customers to easily remove items from their shopping cart.

Here’s a quick comparison of the old and new versions of the soft add to cart modal:







To learn more about this enhancement (and how you can install it on your current template), check out this Knowledge Base article on Soft Add-to-Cart Styling.


Streamlined one page checkout

The checkout page is one of the most important aspects of your ecommerce site, as it’s the final place where customers go before making a purchase. After collecting numerous suggestions from our merchants, we’ve made some improvements to our one page checkout to make the buying process easier for your customers, including:

  • There is now only one “Proceed to Checkout” button the cart page – the redundant additional “Login/Checkout” button has been removed to reduce confusion.


  • Returning shoppers can now sign in via a simple link at the top of the one page checkout. Upon clicking this link, a simple modal opens for customers to log in, including password recovery capabilities.


  • If a customer is logged in, all previous saved shipping information is now available, making the checkout process quicker and easier than ever before.
  • If one of your existing customers forgets to log in and decides to do so during through the checkout process, all of the information (minus payment method) that they’ve already entered on the checkout page will be maintained upon login.

Here’s an overview of what the enhanced one page checkout looks like. To see how to implement this feature for your current template, read this Knowledge Base article on the new Simplified Checkout Template Feature.



Auto-resize logo capability

Adding a logo to your store’s template should be an easy task, and we’ve worked to make it that way. Our new free templates will now automatically resize your logo upon upload, meaning that the logo will be scaled proportionally within the space that the template allows. To use this feature on these new templates, all you have to do is go to Design > Logos > Add Logo and upload the desired file from your computer.




On-page editing of storefront header and footer menus

Updating and customizing your header and footer can be a bit of a chore, currently needing to filter through multiple lines of code within the File Editor. With these new templates, however, items in the header and footer are now clickable and bring up a simple editor for making manual changes to the HTML of that specific element. Keep in mind, however, that doing so will require that you have some basic HTML skills, so be careful here if you’re new to the idea.

Here’s a view of what this update looks like:




How to take advantage of these new features

If you’d like to get started with these cool tools, you have a couple of options available to you:

  1. Install any of our free templates that have these capabilities already built in. These include: Retro, Darling, Grain, Fad, Aura, White-Light, Desert Rose, Surf and Organic.
  2. If you’re currently using another template that you don’t wish to change, you can easily use the new soft add-to-cart and streamlined one page checkout features by following the instructions listed in their respective Knowledge Base articles (check out links in the sections above) or contact our Design team to install it for you via a custom hourly request.


We hope that you enjoy the benefits of these new enhancements and modifications – it’s our goal to better enable you to succeed online, and each of these updates was designed to do just that.

10 Responses to “Volusion Releases Exciting New Template Enhancements”

  1. Vieo

    These look amazing! Will any of these new templates feature non table-based layouts for the product grids etc. or at least an organized class structure to make styling them easier? If not, are there plans to add those features to future templates?

  2. Karen

    The enhanced one page checkout is great. However, is it possible for the box on the right hand side containing the “Your Order” info to move down the page as the customer moves down the page? Some of our customers get to the bottom of the page and expect the “Place Order” button to be at the bottom of the page. They don’t realize you have to scroll back up to find it. Or if the “Your Order” box can’t move as the customer scrolls down the page, can another “Place Order” button be added to the very button of the page underneath where they have to enter their credit card info? Thank you.

  3. Raul

    Thanks for the improvements!!! They are really very useful, and make me glad of choosing Volusion). Please keep with this countinous improving track!

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Thanks for the feedback, Raul! We appreciate it (and you too, of course. ;))

  4. Annmarie

    I am having a heck of a time getting the Soft Cart feature working. I followed the instructions several times with no luck. Of course I backed up first.

    Question: does the code go above: DYNAMIC PAGE-SPECIFIC META TAGS WILL BE PLACED HERE

    I have it above that right under head.

    • Matt Winn

      Hi Annmarie, have you had a chance to contact our Support team with this one? They should be able to help you out here. Best of luck, and thanks!

  5. Aubrey

    Just implemented the new soft add to cart to my existing template. Took less than 10 minutes and looks great ‘out of the box.’ I’ll do some tweaking to match colors, but a great change. Implementing the new checkout page is next. Thanks for the updates!

    • Matt Winn

      Hi Aubrey, so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the updates – best of luck with your store!

  6. stacey Lockhart

    I would like to have this new update installed in my current template

    • Matt Winn

      Hi Stacey, sounds great. You have a couple of options if you’d like to stay with your current template. First, you can use the new soft add-to-cart and streamlined one page checkout features by following the instructions listed in their respective Knowledge Base articles (check out links above) or contact our Design team to install it for you via a custom request. Thanks!


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