Volusion Product Update: Your Store Goes Social

Volusion recently released several exciting enhancements to all V11 stores, with a major focus on providing your online business new ways to incorporate social media channels.

The value of social media is no longer a question. From main street to Wall Street (think of LinkedIn’s major IPO), business owners across the globe are embracing social outlets to connect with customers and sell more products.

With this reality in mind, we’re particularly excited to share our latest round of product enhancements, heavily focused on incorporating and expanding your ecommerce site with social media. These additions can’t be found with any other shopping cart software, which reinforces our dedication to giving you the latest and greatest tools to help you succeed.

Please note that these new features are only available on V11 stores, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, we recommend doing so.

Without further ado, take a look at what’s new:

Admin Integration with Facebook and Twitter

You can now post content to two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter, directly from your admin. Under the Marketing–> Social tab, you can easily log in to your Facebook and/or Twitter account and make a post. Better yet, if you want to share a link to any page (including product and category pages), this feature will automatically create a Bit.ly link to save you space.

Here’s what it looks like:

Volusion adds Facebook and Twitter integration to enhance the social commerce capabilities of its ecommerce software

You can also make a Facebook or Twitter post directly from any category or product page within your admin. By sharing from this location, you can quickly point customers to a specific product or category.

Volusion's shopping cart software now offers a Facebook and Twitter share direct from its admin

These additions will save you a lot of time and clicks by streamlining the management of your social channels in one central location. Instead of navigating between three different sites and logins, you can now share your products faster and further than ever before.

Learn more about how to use this tool by referencing this article: Posting to Facebook and Twitter within Your Store

YouTube Video Management

Let’s face it – customers don’t like to read anymore. This is particularly problematic when you’re trying to sell something with a text-based product description. To help alleviate this issue, we’ve added a tool that helps you manage your YouTube videos within product pages.

With this addition, you can easily add multiple YouTube videos to your product pages. To do so, simply add the link or embed code to any YouTube video and plug it into the corresponding product within the admin. You can add as many as you like, and even drag and drop them to establish the order they appear.

Volusion adds YouTube product video management to its V11 release.

You can easily add ecommerce product videos from YouTube with Volusion

Keep in mind that videos are proven to boost conversions, SEO and overall customer satisfaction. If you’re not using product videos, it might be time to pull out your director’s chair and yell, “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Check out how to use this feature: YouTube Video Management

Facebook “Send” Button

Facebook recently unveiled its “Send” button, which is similar to the existing “Like” button. The main difference is that the “Send” button allows users to send links as a Facebook message or via email. To help shoppers better share your products, we’ve added a config variable that places this button on your product page.

Volusion adds the Facebook Send button to its ecommerce platform

To use this new feature, you’ll first need to enable it. Learn how here: Adding Facebook Like and Send Buttons

Images with “My Recent History”

This last enhancement isn’t necessarily social, but it’s definitely one worth sharing. First, I’d like to extend a big thanks to our customers who suggested this feature within our forums – we’re always using your feedback to help shape our product development decisions.

“My Recent History” is a built-in shopping tool that reminds your customers of products they had previously viewed on your ecommerce site. With this latest release, the main image associated with these products will now appear in this section. By visually reminding shoppers of what they’ve seen, they’re more likely to go back and make a purchase.

Volusion enhances it's My Recent History shopping tool for it's latest release of ecommerce software

If you haven’t enabled this feature before, you can see how by reading this article: My Recent History.

We hope that these features will give you a leg up on your competition and help deliver great experiences for your customers. As a product team, our mission is to continuously find ways to make your online business more successful. Keep in mind that you can always see the release notes from your V11 admin by clicking “Support –> Release Notes.”

Stay tuned! These new features are just the tip of the social iceberg.

Happy selling!
– Jason Woosley, Head of Product, Volusion


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  1. CT

    The My Recent History is a great feature but it really needs to be one that can be configured by the shop owner. I would use it but I don’t want four images to appear. It looks really cluttered on the page. Diggin’ the other social network addons… Nice work.


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