Volusion Product Update: Social Store

Volusion is excited to announce a fantastic addition to our award-winning ecommerce platform, Social Store. Read more to learn how you can use this innovative new tool to market and promote your items directly on Facebook.

Completely free for all store plans using V11, Social Store allows you to extend your online business to over 700 million Facebook users by marketing and promoting the items of your choice. Better yet, you can design the look of your Social Store, promote your Deal of the Day and even provide a discount to customers who “Like” your Facebook Business Page!

To get started with Social Store, you’ll need to make sure that you have a Facebook Business Page and that an SSL is installed on your V11 store. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page yet, check out Step Three in this Knowledge Base article, Getting Started with the Volusion Social Store.

Volusion Product Update: Social Store

Select and add your products to your Social Store

Unlike our previous Social Store Builder, Volusion’s Social Store allows you to handpick the products you’d like to feature on your Facebook Page. You can also feature products that have various options attributed to them, such as size, color, etc. (We recommend listing a maximum of 25 products through your Social Store to provide an optimal customer experience.)

To list your products, all you have to do within your admin is: enable the ability to sell products on your Facebook page, select which ones you’d like to list and decide how you’d like them to appear. And just like that, you’re selling on Facebook!

Here’s an example of what a product listing will look like on your Social Store:

 Product Listing in Volusion Social Store

Design your Social Store

Another improvement from our previous Facebook integration is that you can easily customize the design of your Social Store, either by choosing a preset theme or creating a fully unique look through HTML. Even more, you can upload a logo or banner and add custom messaging to introduce your Facebook followers to your new Social Store!

Here’s a look of what these options look like within your store’s admin:

Volusion Social Store Admin

Add promotions to your Social Store

We’ve moved beyond enhancing the design and product selection for your Social Store by adding innovative marketing tools to boost your social presence and help drive more sales.

First, you can encourage shoppers to “Like” your Facebook Business Page by offering them a percentage discount of your choice. Once they “Like” your page, they’ll receive an automatic discount upon purchase that can be used for any item listed in your Social Store. This is a great way to engage more people with your Facebook channel, in addition to boosting sales.

When you enable the “Like” promotion, it will look something like this:

Enabling Like Promotion in Volusion Social Store

You can also incorporate your Deal of the Day promotion directly on your Social Store to highlight your most enticing offers. Again, this is an easy opportunity to keep your Facebook fans coming back to your page while pushing them to make a purchase.

Upon adding your Deal of the Day promotion, your Social Store will appear similar to this:

Deal of the Day Promotion in Social Store

And there you have it! No matter you’re selling, you now have a great avenue to make your mark with social commerce. We invite you to dive into your Social Store, but first encourage you to brush up on its functionality by reading this Knowledge Base article, The Volusion Social Store.

Currently using our previous Social Store Builder? Learn how to make the upgrade here.

We wish you the best of luck with your newly improved social presence.

Happy selling!
-Jason Woosley, VP of Product Development, Volusion


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  1. Volusion Web Design

    Volusion has done it again. Great job! This is definitely an improvement from the previous Facebook Store Builder. We are looking forward to implement this feature for our clients. Thanks again.

  2. Crossbow

    Vert nice feature. I have been using sortprice facebook store front, but this feature blows that away!

  3. Allison Lynch

    I am very excited about this! Thank you!

  4. simon Wood

    I tried to set this up and it wouldn’t work, so I contacted support. Veronica told me I’d need to purchase a SSL cert. I did this and now I’ve found out it won’t work unless I have the gold plan. Is this correct because it states above it is ok with all V11 plans – please confirm

    • Matt

      Hi Simon,

      Now that you have an SSL for your store, it will work for any plan that’s using version V11 of our software. Please make sure that you’re finding the app on Facebook titled “Volusion Social Store” instead of “Social Store Builder.”

  5. saddlers row

    Thanks. This is a great service.

  6. Edward

    How do people discover our social store?

    what drives them there??


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