Volusion Product Update: Enhanced Social Sharing Buttons

The Volusion Product Team is excited to announce new enhancements to social sharing buttons for your product pages, including the addition of the Google +1 button!

If we’ve learned two things about social media, it’s this:

  1. Social media is a vital marketing tool
  2. People like to talk about and share products – but only if you make it easy for them


With the spirit of these truths in mind, we’ve recently reworked our social sharing buttons for product pages on all V11 stores.

As an improvement to our AddThis integration, we’ve updated your product sharing buttons to be cleaner and more relevant to major social channels. Now your customers will have the option to share your product via Facebook, Twitter, Email and even with the new Google +1 button.

Furthermore, you can use this addition with our current Facebook “Like” and “Send” buttons.

To learn more about how to use this feature, click this link to our Knowledge Base article.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this new addition and that it will help you gain a larger social presence. Remember that this feature is only available on the latest version our software, so if you haven’t made the upgrade to V11, here’s another reason to do so!

Happy selling!
-Jason Woosley, Head of Product, Volusion


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5 Responses to “Volusion Product Update: Enhanced Social Sharing Buttons”

  1. Lameka

    Awesome, glad I keep up with the newsletters!

  2. michelle

    thank you, thank you. the old share button made me crazy, especially since it was hard-coded and therefore I could not update it. these up–to-date social sharing tools make a huge difference.

  3. David Everhart

    Thanks for being so quick. 🙂

  4. Mike

    Thanks Volusion for being so quick in adding this. Can only help in the long run.

  5. Michael

    Really happy that Volusion has implemented these new features. We already had the Facebook button for a little while…but the addition of the Twitter and E-Mail share feature is just GREAT…not to mention having the Google +1 button, that really makes our store look ahead of the curve having the +1 button so quickly after Google Plus was released. Very happy with this overall.


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