Volusion Partner Spotlight: Proforma

Volusion Partner, Proforma

For today’s Partner Spotlight, we sat down with Mark McCormack of Proforma, a leading solutions provider to North American businesses for their graphic communications needs. Continue reading to learn more about Mark’s Proforma franchise and their growing success.

We consider each member of the Volusion Partner Network to be exactly what they are, partners. Whether they’re referring people to use our software or building custom integrations, these folks are key drivers of our success, which we hope is reciprocated through our mutual relationships.

Proforma Franchise Owner, Mark McCormack, offers a prime example of a successful partnership. Proforma is a fast-growing company that provides solutions to North American businesses for their graphic communications needs. Their areas of expertise include: promotional products, printing services, business documents, ecommerce solutions, multimedia services and total project management.

Mark runs his own Proforma franchise, offering ecommerce solutions to his growing client list. Business is going so well that this Proforma division was just ranked in the Inc 500/5000 fastest growing small companies in North America – quite an accomplishment!

Despite his busy schedule, Mark took some time to sit down with us and share his experience as a Volusion partner. Take a look at his insights to learn more.

Can you tell us more about Proforma and what it does?

Proforma was founded in 1978 by Gregory Muzzillo. 8 years later, he developed our current franchise model that establishes a network of several individual franchise owners offering a variety of promotional products and printing services.

I have been in the industry a little over 14 years, and my division encompasses both print and promotional products.  Given the industry and customer base, ecommerce was a natural transition for me.  All buyers are looking for an all-in-one solution that is easily accessible online, and we cater to those clients.

Why did you start offering ecommerce to your clients?

My customers come to me from all sorts of industries, but they typically had one thing in common – most of their sites looked like they were straight out of the 1980s. I knew that I could help give them a much more respectable online presence, which is what drew me to Volusion. I wanted to offer our customers more of what they were seeing on the retail side, so I decided to offer them services that provided a superior aesthetic and interface.

I actually tried about six different platforms before deciding on Volusion. Thanks to its price point, the platform allowed for a profitable business, and the unparalleled support and robust functionality was very important to me and my clients.

Share with us your experience as a Volusion partner.

After using other solutions, our design department chose the Volusion system due to its support and ease of use. Since signing on, I’ve had the added benefit of receiving monthly income and learning about Volusion product developments as soon as they become available, which is a nice bonus.

From a business perspective, being a Volusion partner has allowed us to build and operate customer sites with a stable platform, without requiring any major changes to our day to day business operations. Interestingly enough, I have one client that grew their sales with us over $200,000 due to us maintaining their store! These successes have also helped our YoY sales look like a hockey stick – flat at the start and turning vertical!


What do you feel makes you successful as a Volusion Partner?

To acquire new business, I’m fortunate to know how to get referrals from a large area of sources. If you know where to look, there are a ton of ecommerce opportunities out there. And by letting clients know that we are a Volusion partner, they know that we staked our reputation on a reliable partner.

I also think that I became a successful partner by utilizing Volusion’s support.   When I was getting started, experimenting and working through my free demo store was the most valuable way to learn the platform inside out. This knowledge of how to efficiently use the platform allows me to effectively market it, which is critical to my success.

I really believe that continuously working on the demo and calling Tech Support to ask questions is huge.  It allows you to test the effectiveness on a wide range of different clients.  Trying out different scenarios and seeing how it fits for each customer’s unique needs is a big advantage to helping satisfy client objectives and requests.


As Mark’s Proforma franchise continues to grow, he continues to exceed client expectations while learning more and more about the software. We truly appreciate Mark for our continued partnership, and would like to send him special thanks for sharing his insights with us!


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  1. Adrian Cano

    I agree 100% with Mark’s statements, Volusion brings your business growth as well as your clients. I just started my web development business 2 years ago and integrated Volusion’s software for all of my e-commerce clients less than 1 year ago. There is definitely positive feedback from all of my e-com clients and a good profit margin for my business. In less than a months time after becoming a recommended partner with Volusion they referred 1 customer to my business. That is an amazing start and a real partner in my eyes. Thanks Volusion!


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