Volusion Multiplies Office Space, Ramps Up Service and Support

In a move that multiplies its office space fivefold and paves the way for continued growth, Volusion, Inc. has expanded operations in both its corporate headquarters in Simi Valley, California and its Austin, Texas based office. Modern, spacious new offices in both California and Texas accommodate current and future personnel, giving Volusion the capacity to effectively serve and support a growing client base and enhance its offering through the addition of new services. With added square footage and the infrastructure in place to streamline communication, Volusion is poised to recruit more top talent and grow its award winning support and customer care teams. Volusion provides 24/7, year round support to every client, and was recently awarded the Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Team in 2008.

Volusion has been widely recognized for excellence in the e-commerce industry, including a top 5 rank in Inc. 5000’s Top 100 Software Companies of 2008. The company has experienced a 1,900% growth in revenue over the past three years, a testament to its commitment to providing the most robust e-commerce solutions available. For two years running, Volusion’s e-commerce software has outperformed Yahoo Merchant Solutions to win the title of Best E-commerce Storefront by SmallBusinessComputing.com in 2007 and 2008.

Volusion’s larger offices provide ample space to expand and add talent across all departments, including customer care, support, design, sales and marketing, a plan that underscores the company’s dedication to client satisfaction in all areas of the business.

-Pam Westbrook, Ecommerce Marketing/Copywriting

6 Responses to “Volusion Multiplies Office Space, Ramps Up Service and Support”

  1. Ken Gerhart

    We have just launched The Cornerstone Collection at http://www.CComCo.com on Volusion. The excellent customer service has made our launch a great experience. We are now planning to convert our consulting business to Volusion and become an affiliate partner to refer our consulting clients to Volusion. Keep up the good work, Volusion!

    • Gracelyn T.

      Hi, Ken. Thanks so much for your kind words, and congratulations on your new store! If you’re interested in learning more about what Volusion is doing nowadays (social media contests, product updates, etc.), then feel free to check out this page. Thanks again for reading, and happy selling! -Gracelyn T.

  2. Corey Anderson

    Wow…1,900% growth. I believe it. Last year we started with our first store with Volusion, and this month we hope to be buying our 4th Volusion site!!! FeatherDusterDepot.com and Volusion are “making it BIG” together!!

  3. Melissa Grey

    We are very exited to see the new version. http://www.diginetlink.com is ready to have new look in the new 2009. Thanks Volusion!

  4. duane dewsbury

    This is outstanding news! We have been operating 3 websites with volusion, http://www.thefedorastore.com, http://www.cowpokehats.com and http://www.bonnetstore.com. We have had GREAT sucess with volusion over the last couple of years, and plan to be with this great company for years to come. We have grown our headwear business by leaps and bounds each year, and this is attributeable to Volusion’s great service and customer support.

    Duane Dewsbury

  5. jason

    Awesome! Does this mean V6 will be coming out soon?


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