Volusion Helps Provide 4,000 Meals to Those in Need with CAFB

One of our favorite core values at Volusion is to “Rock the Golden Rule,” which is why we offer all employees two days of paid time off to volunteer for a good cause. This week, we put this idea in action with 11 Volusioneers working with Capital Area of Texas Food Bank to prepare donations for distribution across Central Texas.


The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (CAFB) provides food and grocery products for distribution to an area covering over 19,000 miles in Central Texas. Originally created as a service to manage emergency food needs and surplus foods from companies and grocery stores, CAFB has grown steadily to a 60,000 square foot distribution center that services millions of individuals each year.

Volusion Web Designer Andrea Trninic drops off donations to be sorted.

Our team arrived at the CAFB office ready to sort, weigh and label food donations for proper distribution. Our efforts culminated in over 5000 pounds of food sorted for distribution, which will create over 4000 meals for hungry individuals throughout Central Texas. Although we weren’t able to meet the individuals we helped, we understand the importance of our time.

Our team of Volusioneers working hard to sort donations!

Take it from Volusioneer Jennifer Valenti:

Having recently joined the Volusion, I feel honored to be a part of a company that truly values giving back to the community. It was amazing to hear that our group of volunteers managed to pack up enough food to provide over 4,000 meals after a few hours of help at the Capital of Texas Food Bank. Together we really can make a difference, and today that showed!

CAFB welcomes individuals every day to sort donations, and offers several additional volunteer opportunities and fundraisers. Check out their site and Facebook page to see how you can help this great organization.


Thanks to the CAFB staff for making this a memorable and fulfilling experience. Hope to see you soon!

Happy selling!
-Anjuli Desai, Volusion


Anjuli Desai is a Marketing Specialist at Volusion, where she manages the Volusion webinar program and writes content for the blog and website. In her free time, Anjuli enjoys exploring her creativity through design and photography, reading and making friends with every dog she meets.

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  1. Matt

    Good to see. We are in the works on a promotion on our volusion based store to help feed American Children. Should be rolling out soon. Also, I hope you’re getting your vehicle graphics and trade show displays from http://www.apgtradeshowdisplays.com 🙂 We are your customer.

  2. Mark Winkler

    Very cool, we are proud to be a Volusion customer!


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