Volusion Customer Spotlight: Myreels.com

Hearing customer success stories is one of the best parts of our jobs. That’s why when we had a chance to chat with Russ Islamov about his thriving online store, Myreels.com, we couldn’t help but share his words of wisdom with you.

Myreels.com sells a large selection of industrial hose reels with a lowest price guarantee. They now serve more than 15,000 customers and have even opened a second store, Ktonic.com, largely as a result of their initial online selling success.

Check out the story of Russ’ exciting rise in the ecommerce world with Myreels.com and find out how you can turn your online store into a triumph of your own.


How did you get started with your online business?

In 2002, I was working for a manufacturing company that produced industrial hose reel products, mostly used by small to mid-sized businesses. After much research, I found that a website that sold power washers as well as garden and air hose reels to home owners and businesses could yield promising results. Within the first three years of starting myreels.com, sales grew rapidly and reached $800K in annual revenue.

Our first choice for web hosting had a number of issues and required too many manual interactions with its software. It was a tedious process that required too much time. Finding a solution wasn’t easy, and in the meantime I familiarized myself with VB.net and ASP.net books so that I could work to customize things on my own. We moved to Volusion over five years ago and have been happy ever since.


Why did you choose Volusion?

Since the products we sell on Myreels.com are seasonal, we usually jump back and forth between Volusion’s Silver and Gold plan, which is one of the reasons why we selected them as our ecommerce provider. API integration is the number one feature any small business owner can benefit from when using Volusion.

In addition, Volusion provides an unbeatable, smart and talented support team. My questions are always answered quickly and because I spend most of my time enhancing the site, I’m awake at all hours of the night and can always rely on Volusion to provide support at all hours.


How is your business doing today?

Our traffic has grown as we’ve worked to rank high in all major search engines. Currently we hold the number two spot for the keywords “garden hose reels,” and appear first in a number of other important keyword searches.

My administrative costs have dramatically reduced after moving from my previous platform to Volusion. For example, the Import/Export feature in my Volusion store saves us many hours, if not days or weeks of time. This allows me to spend more time growing my business and I know that Volusion will be there to support all of my endeavors.


What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to other business owners?

Plan, plan and plan some more. Building a site requires lots of time. Throughout the creation stage, you want to make sure you have minimum errors and keywords that are easy for search engines to pick up. Volusion’s platform provides all of that. Also, new customers can utilize pre-built templates that allow them to save thousands of dollars trying to create a site from scratch.

Opening a store without planning can hurt your bottom line and can lead to a much later launch date. I would encourage new online business owners to create a checklist with Volusion to make sure that you have things like an SSL certificate and payment gateway setup.

Big thanks to Russ for sharing his insights and congratulations on a successful year!


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  1. Lisa Bell

    Your story is great congratulations! I would also like to know what marketing tools you used.

  2. Dawn

    Russ great inspirational story, what marketing tools did you use alongwith your SEO?

  3. Justin Lugbill

    It is good to see other businesses succeeding with Volusion. Just starting out with this platform, it is encouraging! On another note, who would I contact to have our Volusion store featured on the customer spotlight?

  4. Edwad Cain

    We launched in 2009 w/ Volusion. We have not seen growth any where near $800K. Wonder what we are doing wrong??


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