Volusion Customer, PannaDolce.com, Bakes Some Sweet Online Success

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Upon launching their new site, Volusion customer PannaDolce.com brought in over $2000 in orders. This French pastry maker of gourmet macarons has utilized multiple social media tools to help increase sales by 200% week after week. Continue reading to learn more about the sweet success of this blossoming online store.

Our sweet tooth for success got a massive sugar rush after learning about this fantastic story. Volusion customer, Panna Dolce, recently launched their online bakery with us, raking in $2000 in sales within the first two weeks! Since then, orders have doubled week after week. This skyrocket to the top is largely attributed to social networking integrations and practices, helping this rising business gather a big following.

Panna Dolce has a very unique position in the marketplace – they’re one of the only bakeries in the U.S. to have perfected the taste of the very delicate French macaron while ensuring durability for shipping. And if you’re new to gourmet pastries like I am, “macaron” is not a typo for “macaroon” – it’s actually a small, delicate and chewy pastry sandwich filled with sweet cream and fresh preserves. Co-owners Katharine Greis and her husband Justin became infatuated with these treats after several trips to Paris in 2003. Thus, the idea to open their online store was born.

Upon their return, the couple scoured the country, sampling various macaron recipes at high-end restaurants and bakeries. Interestingly enough, none of the samples matched the uniquely perfect Parisian texture, flavor or distinct look. Justin notes, “Back in 2003, very few bakeries made them well in the U.S. and even fewer were able to ship across the country. We searched for the perfect recipe and balance of texture and taste but came up disappointed. We knew what we had to do next; make it ourselves!”

And make it they did. Justin and Katharine spent the next five years researching and testing recipes to fine tune their beloved pastry and ensure they could be shipped without crumbling. Finally, they found their “Eureka!” moment and finalized the recipe. The couple realized they needed extra restaurant and hospitality experience to round out the team, so they brought on restaurant and hospitality guru Lauren Robin. The trio then worked on perfecting their business model.

The next step was to find and build a solid ecommerce site – what use is a perfect recipe if no one is there to taste (and pay) for it? Justin was a former owner of a web consulting company, so he knew his stuff. He quickly realized their online business needed a platform that required little time for coding and maintenance. This team wanted to focus their time on broadening their customer base. After spending time with several inadequate and cumbersome ecommerce providers, Panna Dolce came across Volusion. The entrepreneurs were especially pleased that the platform allows customers to easily create gift baskets, enter custom/flexible orders, write wish lists and buy gift certificates.

Also important to Panna Dolce is the use of various social networking tools. Katherine had the following to say:

“Without Volusion, building a solid social networking following would not have been so easy. I never thought social networking tools would generate such a tangible dollar-value return. To our surprise, we have more fans and followers than many well-established restaurants and bakeries; this has generated significant returns and driven qualified leads to our site. We are so grateful to our fans and followers…thank you!”

Lauren added, “The incredible buzz around our products has been amazing. People kept on saying ‘we have heard and read all about you guys and can’t wait to try your product.’ We are honored and lucky to have such an amazing network of fans and friends.”

We’re thrilled to be a fan, friend and provider to Panna Dolce! Thanks for your continued support and for sharing your success story with us.

And if you’re feeling hungry, need to send a special gift or just want to know what the heck a macaron is, head over to www.pannadolce.com!


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