Volusion CEO Kevin Sproles Goes to Africa to Check on The Volusion Foundation

As many of our customers know, a portion of their monthly hosting fees are donated to The Volusion Foundation, which works with the non-profit organization World Vision to make a difference in our backyard and beyond.

Contributions from The Volusion Foundation to World Vision have gone to a number of worthy causes and it’s important to point out that it is our customers that have been the driving force behind making a positive impact in the lives of countless people across the globe.

Continuing our partnership with World Vision, Volusion CEO Kevin Sproles left for Ethiopia on Saturday to see how The Volusion Foundation has changed the area. As Kevin explained, “Some of the most extreme poverty is in Africa. For many Africans, this means the reality of extreme hunger and disease.”

Kevin is hoping to see the differences made to help lift children and communities out of deep poverty through providing the basic necessities of life such as access to clean water, food, health care, and education. To that end, Kevin will be spending time with the people of Ethiopia doing work for the Foundation on behalf of all our customers and employees.

Kevin will be out of contact while he is away (since he will be in a tent for three of the eight days) but when he returns he will share his experience, providing us with stories and photos from his trip.

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