Volusion Attends Texas Conference for Women

Last week a group of women from the Volusion crew got to attend the annual Texas Conference for Women. This non-profit, non-partisan event featured inspirational keynote speakers, skill-building breakout sessions and ample opportunities to develop new relationships with other women. With sessions ranging from personal finance to health and wellness to career advancement, this unique event offered something for everyone.

A few of the inspirational speakers included Charlotte Beers, Dr. Brené Brown and Gretchen Rubin who is famous for her book, The Happiness Project. The speakers and topics were a perfect mix of business and personal/family life.

A few of the women in the Volusion group were kind enough to give some feedback. Here’s what they had to say about their day spent surrounded by over 5,000 inspirational women.

Tanya Avila, Associate General Counsel

Attending this conference really highlighted the importance of having a network and being around people who support you. Some of my favorite takeaways boiled down to sound bites including: 

  • Don’t let the soft voices fool you, women can be powerful 
  • Love, nurture and take no prisoners 
  • Lead from your passion 
  • Anyone’s strength when taken to extremes will become their weakness
  • You won’t be influential if you’re always repeating what someone else is saying 
  • What would you do even if you failed miserably is a better question than what would you do if you couldn’t fail


Megan Harron, On-Boarding Coach Manager

I left the conference understanding the importance of communication, innovation and courage for women in the workplace. It was inspiring to hear so many women’s tales of success and overcoming failure. 


Alison Garrison, SEO Manager

I really enjoyed Charlotte Beers. I was inspired by her self-awareness. She was able to identify the roots of her anxieties, and use that to improve her leadership style. I loved the idea of changing a weakness into self-awareness and then into power.

I also loved the negotiation lecture with Victoria Pynchon. She did an amazing job of identifying how our cultural gender roles can influence our approach to negotiation. If you’re aware of what triggers certain behaviors – be they good or bad – you can control them.

David Bach’s Smart Women Finish Rich lecture literally had me at the dinner table with my husband that night, planning out some changes to our savings and investments.


Volusion is proud of the strong women who help to lead our business. Our hope is that we’re inspiring and educating more and more women to lead in the corporate world and still maintain a healthy balance with their personal and family lives. Thanks to all the ladies who attended the conference and for helping to make Volusion an awesome place to work.

Happy selling!
-Molly Sylestine, Volusion

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