Valor Candles Grabs Attention of the Daytime Emmy Awards

Masculine fragrance company, Valor Candles, made a splash at this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards. Check out this success story to learn about this experience and how they saw 130% growth in six short months.

We love sharing success stories of our awesome customers and today’s story is all about Valor Candles. Valor’s purpose is to celebrate the characteristics of the classic gentleman by offering a line of scented products with fragrances that are inspired by places, events or activities considered to be manly in nature. You’ll find fragrances such as Humidor, Fairway, Leather and Parlor. Included in their fragrance-based products are scented candles, air fresheners and premium shaving soaps, along with classic shaving accessories.

The Birth of a Business

The vision for Valor began as a brainstorm several years ago. Like many others, owner Johnny Rohrbeck recognized a gap in the scented products market: there didn’t seem to be any fragrance choices that catered to men. After a year or so, he still didn’t see a change in the market and began doing some exploratory research. In April of 2011, he formed a partnership with a close friend and incorporated Beckenfield Fragrances, which then launched the Valor brand in August of that year.

With scent being so strongly tied to memory and emotion, the partners strove to develop fragrances that would evoke positive reactions in both men and women. Because of this, Valor has made an intentional effort to include men without excluding women in their surveys and fragrance evaluations. Based on the feedback they receive, Valor has hit a bullseye. Since their first month, the team has shipped product all over the country and recently added their 12th retail partner. Outside of their products, offers a featured “Man of the Month” page to share customer stories about men who have inspired them.

Launching an Ecommerce Store

From the beginning, Rohrbeck decided to use Volusion’s ecommerce platform and services. He found it to be a highly cost effective solution that included the most features. Some of the Valor’s most used features include:

  • Built-in social media tools
  • Robust marketing and sales tools
  • Private wholesale access
  • Included newsletter functionality

Valor Candles has experienced huge benefits using Volusion as their ecommerce platform. Rohrbeck specifically mentioned the friendly support they’ve gotten for both simple and complex questions on their store. They feel Volusion does a good job celebrating the success of its customers and making them feel like part of the Volusion family. Hosting their site with Volusion also creates a sense of security and credibility for Valor’s customers since it looks professional and is backed by PCI Compliance.

Business Growth

Valor has seen fast and substantial growth since starting with Volusion. Its number of visits each month has more than doubled since this time last year, and between January and June 2012, Valor saw a 130% increase in sales over the previous six months. They also added their 12th retail partner about a month ago, and many of them are storeowners that found Valor through an organic search for their type of products. When Rohrbeck opened Valor’s online store, he and his colleagues set a goal of 5,000 unique visitors to their site, which was reached within five months of being online. As of date, the ecommerce site has reached a total of over 13,000 unique visitors, with 1,500 of those returning each month four or five times.

Volusion has proven to be an outstanding partner in business for our company,” said Valor Candles Owner, Johnny Rohrbeck. “From the beginning and throughout our successes, they have supported, celebrated and enhanced our company and our image.”

Valor at the Daytime Emmy Awards

The company that handles the gift bags and product placement for the Emmy Awards found Valor Candles online and immediately fell in love with the brand. They first contacted Valor regarding the Sports Emmy Award gift bags, and Valor sent 800 of their Humidor candles to be included in the gift bags. The products were so well received that the gift company again contacted Valor immediately after the event, inviting the team to attend the Daytime Emmys in Beverly Hills and participate in the Talent Lounge. Considering Valor was one of 15 companies chosen out of thousands of websites for this event, it was quite an honor.

When Volusion got word of Valor’s success, we offered to help by providing matchbooks with our logo on one side and Valor’s on the other. The matchbooks were a hit and were given to all of the celebrities as Valor’s business card since it provided their phone number and URL.

Valor was so happy to see how the celebrities responded to their product line. They got video footage of celebs smelling their candles, closing their eyes, making an emotional connection and saying, “Oh my gosh…this is amazing!” Needless to say, Valor products were very popular with both the men and women of Daytime Television.

Rohrbeck and his colleagues then had the opportunity to walk the red carpet and attend the Award Show. They describe it as “an incredible, once in a lifetime experience.” It all started with a great website that caught the attention of the producers of the Emmy Gifts.

Business Philosophy That Works

Valor has set out to build a brand that serves as a destination, rather than just a store with a product. Their goal is to build a “stadium” where “fans” come to celebrate, and while they’re there, they just happen to buy memorabilia that connects them to their “team.” As Rohrbeck says, “Grocery stores sell hot dogs to customers, ball parks sell them as part of the experience.” He hopes to create a similar experience with Valor.

Here are some of the statements that drive their business:

  • Relationships First, Business Second
  • Integrity (unified, without fracture) in relationships AND business is non-negotiable
  • Flexibility keeps you from snapping when the wind starts blowing
  • High Quality Experience + High Quality Product = Highly Satisfied, Repeat Customer


Congratulations to Valor Candles on their success and fame! Thanks for sharing your story with us, and for the inspiration to make the most of a big ecommerce opportunity.

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