Volusion Product Update: V13 Now Available for New Stores

Spend a few minutes with our VP of Product, Jason Woosley, as he gives more insight into our latest product update, V13.  This update is now available to new stores, and our existing merchants’ stores will be upgraded in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for an email with more details regarding the upgrade process.

To see a complete description of all that’s new in V13, please reference our upgrade guide here.  Also, please note that Google Trusted Stores is up next on our roadmap.  After all of our merchants are successfully upgraded to V13, we’ll  soon be implementing Google Trusted stores.  Stay tuned for more information.

24 Responses to “Volusion Product Update: V13 Now Available for New Stores”

  1. Larry

    We are new to volusion, and am already excited with all the comments on this platform, I hope we made the right decision choosing volusion.

  2. Scott

    I don’t understand why this is available to only new customers at this time and not your existing paying customers. I would like to use the eBay integration as soon as possible. When will this be available to existing customers? http://www.ezstoragesolutions.net

  3. Raul

    Great job! I like very much the change of ebay integration. i would be great if it would be available not only for Gold & bigger stores. http://www.uttu.es

  4. Donna Menner

    I’d like to see the GB for Data Transfer increased, that is what is important to me right now since my business is increasing. The $7 per 1 GB overage gets pretty expensive.

  5. Patrick

    Cleaning up the asthetics of the admin area with a clean design is a waste of time that could be spent developing useful features. Proper paypal express integration will make me money. WordPress will make me money. A pretty admin screen will just become mundane and the norm in two weeks and not even noticed anymore.

  6. Donna Menner

    What will V13 do to custom coding? Will we lose it?

  7. Britt

    Let’s roll this out to your loyal existing customers ASAP. Excited about the eBay integration. We’ll see how well it is to use. I am just now putting some of our inventory on eBay and hopefully this tool will be easy to manage. http://www.TriVeloSports.com

  8. Linda

    I have an existing store and have spent a LOT of money with Volusion… why is this for new stores only? How about your EXISTING LOYAL customers?
    I’d like to upgrade now please….Linda

    • Michael Kawula

      Couldn’t agree more with Linda’s response. It makes no sense to advertise on our admin page: “V13 Now Available for New Stores” and yet when we chat / call support are told “only available for new stores”. Very disappointing for the amount of money loyal customers are paying. Absolutely no logic to this, unless you’re doing it to test / iron out problems, but don’t advertise the exciting news then that it is available. Such great features (particularly Ebay)! Looking forward. http://www.discountcleaningproducts.com

  9. Seyla

    How about layered navigation? Color filters, brand filters using images or checkboxe

  10. Bill

    New admin functionality is great, but integrate WordPress. Root directory blogs have been requested and under consideration for years. It should be a priority over administrative things that save a few seconds (and we have over 25K products).

  11. Fred

    Why did you waist the time to create eBay integration, they have been on the down slide for many years. We have more sales and traffic on our Volusion site than ebay. When eBay dumped the cheap store listings into core search we lost 60% of our total revenue within a few days of that action and have never regained it. Our sales on ebay was 7 digits a year, due to their nonsense and total disregard for the damage their actions had on sellers is why we started a Volusion site. Why not look forward into growth areas like feeds for Bing, Buy.com and other search venues.

    The back end manual order entry is clunky and we cannot enter live orders fast enough. It would be nice to streamline it so all of our live (phone in) sales can be processed using Volusion.

    Our first website is still live on a Volusion competitor so we can compare quality, your company does have a much better system than they do. My comments are intended to keep you moving forward, not backward and obtuse like your competitor that we will eventually drop.

  12. TESAGEcom

    Yep! It can’t wait!

  13. Mark

    Not to pile on but I also am watching for some of the feature requests that have been thoughtfully submitted by Volusion’s power users and voted for by its community. Some of the feature requests have been ‘under consideration’ for several years now. Volusion solicited feedback from its most loyal customers, then completely disregarded it.

  14. John

    Is it easier and faster now to add multiple photos to products listings?

  15. molly

    I have to agree with Keith. I’m new to Volusion and the lack of paypal express integration really bothers me.

  16. Laura Mcfarlin

    I was going to say exactly what Keith did, also the ebay integration looks great, but I have a small store, not many products and having to pay for the Gold plan for this is too much . I guess I will just go list my stuff on ebay separate from my volusion store.

  17. Brian

    Will the eBay Integration support eBay Motors too? We sell automotive products on our Volusion store, http://www.AutoTopsDirect.com.

  18. John

    Having multiple images in an ad is an absolute must – especially on eBay. Is it easier/faster to add multiple images to a listing? The current way of doing it is PAINFULLY slow and convoluted. How about Drag-N-Drop functionality?

  19. Keith

    Looks good to bad you didn’t add some of the feature requests that have been sitting there with the “under consideration” tag for over 2 years like PayPal Express integration.

  20. The Bayberry Horse

    Oh,I can’t wait till existing stores can upgrade.. Hope its real soon!!!! :-)

  21. HeavenScent Soy Candles

    What is the timeline to roll this out to the existing stores? Many of these upgrades look great, and will help make my store more efficient!

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Kathleen

    Hey, does this “After all of our merchants are successfully upgraded to V13…” mean that the upgrade is mandatory? If so, will we be given advance notice? We have a lot of custom coding on our site and that is why we have not yet upgraded.

  23. Brock

    Why isn’t this out for the current store people? Why new stores only?


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