Chuck Agol Takes In the Smell of Success

Chuck Agol- Uncommon Scents
When Chuck Agol began selling healthy, natural, biodegradable scented products 34 years ago Earth Day had not even been conceived. Over these last 34 years Chuck’s brick-and-mortar store in Oregon found success selling their own Uncommon Scents brand products as well as almost three dozen hard to find brands from all over the world. Chuck’s product line includes soaps, moisturizers, fragrances, oils, lotions, bath additives, lip balms, sunscreens, and more.

In 1996 he opened his first online store ( with Yahoo! to expand his reach even further. By 2007 Chuck realized he would need a new ecommerce provider- one that integrated all the features he needed, so that he would no longer have to patch together third party services that were essential to running his store. He moved his website over to Volusion and has not looked back. In fact, his online business is going so well that he sold his retail store this past year to allow him to focus all of his efforts on ecommerce!

The Volusion features like shipping integration and an easy to use CRM system have made it easy for Chuck to succeed by streamlining his business efforts. Chuck cites that his favorite feature, however, is the ability to make mass updates to his product database. As he explains, “With previous hosts, adding, deleting and updating products was a one-at-a-time nightmare.” Once the products are added and modified Chuck relies heavily on the inventory tracking tools because his product database is so large. It allows him to easily track the size, color, and scent options for his almost 4,000 products. All of the added features that Chuck has access to with Volusion would not mean anything though without what he describes as “Reliable software and hosting, and responsive and readily available technical support staff.”

Chuck’s customers are benefitting from the move over to Volusion as well. He describes his site with Volusion as easier to navigate and more professional looking. The design services that he purchased partnered him with a member of our design team to create his logo design and also a clean template layout.

Pairing with Volusion’s shopping cart software has resulted in an online store that is functional, reliable, and easy to manage! The success that Chuck has found with the Volusion platform and the knowledge he has gained has made him a sort of “local ecommerce celebrity.” He is constantly helping friends and family members with their websites and doling out business advice. So what is his best advice to fellow online store owners? “Provide ‘over-the-top’ customer service to your customers to keep them coming back- even when you think they’re asking for too much.”

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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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