Twitter Analytics Goes Public: How to Make the Most of It

Over the past week, Twitter has been quietly releasing free Twitter Analytics tools to public users, even those without Twitter Ads. Are you one of the lucky users to get this new feature? If not, will you be ready when you receive it? Make sure you’re familiar with Twitter Analytics by reading today’s post.


Something exciting is happening in the world of Twitter. Historically, Twitter Analytics have only been available to verified, paying Twitter Ads users, but all that is changing. Over the past week, the social platform has been quietly rolling out its Twitter Analytics tools to basic (non-business, non-Ads using) accounts. Not everyone has access to them yet, but we hear Twitter is measuring public response – which so far has been pretty positive – so we wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter Analytics are released to all users in the near future.

How can you tell if you’re one of the lucky users with early access to this feature? Will you know how to use it when you do receive it? Here’s a quick rundown on the how-tos and perks of this useful tool.

To get started, access Twitter Analytics by visiting You can also get to it through Twitter Ads. Just use the dropdown from your main screen:


Once you’ve accessed Twitter Ads, look at the top bar – if you see an Analytics tab on the left, congratulations – you officially have Twitter Analytics capabilities. Click that and you have two options: “Timeline Activity” analytics or “Followers” analytics.


If you select Timeline Activity, you can check out a graph of your recent mentions, follows, and unfollows in six hour increments. Below that, you’ll find a list of all your tweets, or just the ones Twitter has classified as “best” or “good.”You can see the number of favorites, retweets and replies each tweet received, as well as success metrics, such as “4x normal reach,” on particularly popular tweets.


Want a report for your records? No problem, click the “Download CSV” button in the top right corner and you can export this information into Excel.


If you choose the second option from the Analytics tab and head to Followers, you can see a graph of your follower growth fluctuations at the top, followed by a breakdown of demographics such as gender and location, as well as lists of top interests and other users they follow. This might not be that useful if you only have a handful of followers, but for any account with hundreds or thousands of followers, this information is quite helpful and, if nothing else, interesting.


Now that you better understand the interface, what can you do with all of this new information? It’s all about the analysis. For example:

  • By taking a closer look at who is following you, their interests and what they’re sharing and responding to, you’ll be equipped to adjust your content and its tone to fit your followers (and gain new ones).
  • Be mindful of what type of tweets are getting the most RTs – it would be a good idea to post more about those subjects.
  • Do most of your followers reside in your local metro area? Peppering your tweets with references to local news, events and issues pertinent to your community would serve you well.
  • Probe into your unfollows as well. Is there a certain topic or tone you used in the tweets that resulted in the most unfollows? Pull back on those subject matters. Do you get the most unfollows on days when you go on huge tweeting sprees? Start to pre-plan your tweets ahead of time so you’re not overloading your followers’ feeds.


With these new insights, you can better strategize your online store’s social media plan, and that’s something to get amped up about. If you’re still waiting for Twitter Analytics to be released to your account, craft compelling tweets in the meantime so you’ll have some encouraging numbers to observe when your time comes!

Happy selling!
– Emily Teachout, Volusion


Emily Teachout was a Social Media writer and professional. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Communications and a specialization in Technology & Society, and has managed social media campaigns for brands across multiple industries. In her spare time, Emily blogs about Austin’s culinary and entertainment scenes – in fact, she attends over 100 concerts per year.

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