Team Volusion Takes on 2011

Team Volusion Takes 2011

The Volusion team brought a new ecommerce perspective to the 2011 Annual Summit in Boston.

This year’s was one to remember. With a packed expo hall, tons of fun swag and excellent sessions – it’s no wonder is digital retail’s most influential event.

With over 4,000 attendees flooding the Boston Convention Center, 2011 was a big year for This year also marked a new age with the launch of the mobile app – it was great to be able to navigate the event right in the palm of your hand.

The expo hall was full of great conversation, fun marketing activities and entertaining swag. From cake balls to Vespas and roaming inventory bots, the trade show floor was full of exciting activity. Kiva Systems caused a stir with their automated inventory robots working their booth.

Volusion at

Volusion client, Kiva Systems, created a scene at with their QR code powered bots moving items within their booth – luckily there weren’t any crashes!

The expo hall isn’t just for fun and games – Volusion was hard at work showing the world of BIG retail that there’s no need for huge capital investments in your ecommerce platform. We also had the help of our friends at Brand Labs to spread the Volusion word.

Volusion at

Off the trade show floor attendees were busy learning how to improve their retail businesses with variety of rigorous educational sessions. If you missed many of the presentations are available to view here. 2011 was a great event and a mecca for retail ecommerce. 2012 has quite an act to follow.

Happy Selling!
-Adelle Rodriguez, Marketing Event Coordinator, Volusion


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