New: Volusion for Tablet


Keep your store by your side with Volusion for tablet. Our innovative technology allows you to manage inventory, edit products and more, all from the cozy glow of your tablet screen. Download it today for iPad, Android or any other tablet device, and start selling from wherever you are.

Now with the free Volusion Tablet App, you can:

  • Add new products
  • Edit products details such as name, price, weight, code
  • Login into your store with Touch ID (for iPhone users)
  • View orders at a glance with a home screen widget for Android
  • Update shipping and tax information
  • Update stock status
  • Get notified for low inventory
  • Track store performance with improved dashboard
  • And much more

Download the free app or update your existing version today from the App Store and Google Play.




Try Volusion's award-winning ecommerce software to build your online store and sell products. Volusion merchants have generated over $21 billion in sales, that's 4x more sales than our competitors' merchants.

13 Responses to “New: Volusion for Tablet”

  1. Jodie

    Would love this for the Kindle Fire!

  2. JaDele Gray

    When will we be able to upload photos for inventory via the Mobile App?

  3. Seit

    It’s not available for my samsung galaxy 3 tablet. when will it be avail? and yes will it have the POS feat?

  4. Matt F.

    When will the app for Windows tabs and phones be available?

    • Andrea Kinnison

      Hi Matt! Unfortunately, we are not currently working on a Windows app, though our developers are constantly reprioritizing projects. If we do launch one, we’ll be sure to post about it here!

  5. marie scholl

    No POS?

  6. Matt T.

    Will this work with Point of Sale orders?


  7. David

    As a store owner doing several million a year, I can say honestly that I might check the sales report once every 2 weeks. What store owners are just sitting on the beach watching the orders roll in? Owners are bustin’ it getting product out the door, answering customer questions and managing stock. So, that brings me to my suggestion – please, please do the one thing that seems like absolute common sense – add inventory management from the mobile app. You have the bar code scanner built into the device and stock is by definition “remote” and needs a method to update it remotely. There is no better use of the mobile platform than for this.

    • Andrea Kinnison

      Hey David! We actually do have inventory management for the mobile app, and it can also be found on the tablet app. Simply tap the “Edit” button on the Product Details screen to quickly and easily update the stock count and other data. Hope this helps!

      • David

        Yes, “technically” it is there but in practical execution, it isn’t possible to use it for anything other than a minor edit of a SKU or two. The entire process of inventory update currently in place makes little to no sense when performing a weekly or monthly update. With hundreds of SKU’s it is still faster and easier to export to excel, print to paper, walk around and write down all the inventory counts on paper, type them into Excel and then re-upload the current inventory data. This process could be easily replaced with a simple bar code scanner (instead of scrolling though hundreds of SKU’s ordered by product name and not SKU ID) to scan the shelf/bin location or the bar code on the product itself, then a simple “add to existing (incoming inventory) – replace/update (correct a current count) – queue (add to a temporary queue so that multiple locations/boxes/cartons can be added, then at the end of the inventory, added together to replace the current inventory level).

        I think it might be of use to take a developer out to a working store in Austin and have them spend a day or two with the company owner to see how the process works when it comes to “real world” inventory management. Plus, maybe having the developer actually perform an inventory might provide some wonderful insight!

        • Mary-Ann

          Listen to David about inventory and get your tech people into real world situations. An integrated POS system that worked would be nice too.


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