Wayne Parker’s Business Is Out of This World

Wayne Parker
In the 1980’s Wayne Parker’s wildly popular Canadian band “Glass Tiger” won five Juno Awards. (Even if you do not know the band by name you definitely know their biggest hit “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone.”) Today the band still plays together sometimes (in fact, Wayne recently picked up his electric bass for a concert Glass Tiger put on in Afghanistan for the troops) but these days Wayne’s biggest passion is managing his online astronomy store. As the owner of SkyShed Observatories, Wayne runs the popular sites www.skyshed.com and www.skyshedpod.com – providing resources and news for astronomers of all levels. His products are even being used in the NASA sponsored Automated Meteor Observatory project! His online store with Volusion (www.skyshedpodcheckout.com) has been incredibly successful over the last year and a half. We interviewed Wayne about the success he has had running an online store. Here are his responses:

Volusion: What types of products or services do you offer your online customers?
Wayne: We manufacture and sell the most popular backyard astronomical observatories on the planet, thanks in part to Volusion.

Volusion: When did you first start your online business?
Wayne: 2004. Prior to using Volusion we dealt with two smaller ecommerce companies. Both companies charged more than Volusion even though their technical assistance was virtually nonexistent.

Volusion: How has Volusion made it easier for you to run your store?
Wayne: The Volusion system is far superior to any ecommerce system we’ve used in the past, and it’s much more economical. There are many valuable features in the Volusion system that were not available to us with the previous ecommerce suppliers.

Volusion: What Volusion features do your customers like the most?
Wayne: Mainly the ease of use- the layout is easy to navigate.

Volusion: What Volusion features do you like the most?
Wayne: The Volusion system is easy to use and set up; and the 24/7 technical assistance is excellent. Also, our sales department, customer service, and production facilities can all access the system to get up to the minute customer/order details. The Volusion system is packed with more features that we can access as our business expands.

Volusion: What is the best advice you can give new or current online store owners?
Wayne: You can’t go wrong with a Volusion ecommerce system! With Volusion we set new sales records for ’08 and things are looking even better for ’09. I heartily recommend Volusion to anyone who wants a first class, fully featured, low cost ecommerce system.

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

2 Responses to “Wayne Parker’s Business Is Out of This World”

  1. CHRIS

    Dear Wayne,

    I am thinking of setting up my own web store through this co. Other
    than the site fees, are there any costs to you regarding shipping, and will these people dropship to a single canadian address? If so, are the customers shipping fees any higher than normal from US to CAN?

    My products will not be competing with yours. I’m looking for more of an online craft and promotional product store.

    Thanks in advance for your inpiut! Chris

  2. nate

    wayne…i will not forget you when you’re gone…off to do astronomy stuff!

    that song is among the 800 five star favorites i have out of some 27k songs.

    good luck in your astronomy endeavors. btw, if you ever need any studio/live sound gear, hit me up. it’s what we do and i’ll get you a great price.


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