4 Stunning Typography Examples From Ecommerce Stores

Oftentimes it’s easiest to learn by example, and typography is no exception. Read on to see four typography examples from Volusion merchants who really know what they’re doing.


When it comes to mastering the basics of typography, we’ve come a long way. From discovering its power to choosing the right fonts for your store, we’re now in the homestretch.

In this third and final installment, we’ll pay homage to some Volusion stores that are knocking it out of the park with their fantastic typography choices and see what we can learn from them.


1. Honey Sweetie Acres


Honey Sweetie Acres provides customers with high-quality, goat’s milk soap to nourish the skin, and well-selected typography to attract the eyes. A big part of Honey Sweetie Acres’ brand is their down-home, all-natural feel, and they’re sure to capitalize on that with a handwritten display font used throughout their website. Additionally, Honey Sweetie Acres has done an excellent job in grouping their text and combining typefaces to increase readability.


2. Dirt Dog


Dirt Dog is a one-of-a-kind, community-oriented purveyor of bacon-wrapped hotdogs. Their brand personality is very light-hearted and laid back, and their selection of typefaces, choice of text colors and font pairings reflects that. By pairing a large, bold header font with a smaller font for body text, Dirt Dog makes their website both attractive and easy to read.



3. The Paisley Heart ThePaisleyHart

The Paisley Heart strives to help every girl compile the wardrobe of her dreams with their chic and timeless apparel. The serif font they use gives their store a boutique look, and the addition of a handwritten font on the homepage adds a personal and feminine flair.



4. Yard Games


Yard Games is in the business of providing outdoor, family-friendly fun with a wide selection of hand-selected yard games. They set the mood by using a playful typeface in with a large textured typeface. (And it doesn’t hurt that their large, textured typeface is reminiscent of chalk art, which has all sorts of pleasant thoughts and memories associated with it.) For good legibility, they chose a simple sans serif font for product names and descriptions that emphasizes their products’ own elegant simplicity.


As you can see, good typography comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. But the biggest takeaway from these four typography examples is that you should use fonts to capture and express your brand  personality without sacrificing readability.

Know of any other sites that excel at typography? Feel free to link to them in the comments below, or link your own site and get our thoughts on your typeface selection.




Monica Chow is a Senior Web Designer at Volusion, where she uses her six years of professional design experience to create stunning custom design websites. When not designing, you can find Monica rock climbing, cooking and snowboarding.

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  1. Justin

    I used quicksand font for my store furniture store http://www.doxfurniture.com . It is simple and light which works great for my design.


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