Using Blogs to Gain Influence in Your Industry

Somewhere someone is broadcasting the most random details of their life on the internet. And another someone is sitting at their computer watching that broadcast of that person eating cereal or watching TV. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can blog about anything, and as unsubstantiated as that opinion can be, nothing stops it from gaining influence. Whether you are using the web because you want to cash in or simply because you have something to say, historically, the barriers of entry for influence have never been lower.

So what steps are you taking to influence your customers?

Hopefully you have blogged or have written articles about your trade for customers to read, and you haven’t broadcast yourself flexing your pecs in the mirror (well, as long as this isn’t linked to your online store). Not only are blogs and magazine articles SEO gold in terms of relevant content (and hopefully back links to your online store), you can use your blog to gain influence in your industry. Online consumers are bombarded with products they “need” to buy all the time. If you can offer a source of free information regarding the product they are purchasing, they will 1.) be more inclined to purchase because they can now make an informed decision and 2.) will regard you as an expert on the topic and will probably buy from you again. All that because you bothered to write about something that you hopefully feel passionate about in the first place.

So think back to the basics from freshman English class, get out there, and write! Let your customers know what you know and then to send them to your store.

Looking for a blog? Here are a few places to look:

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Happy Selling!

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