Significant Developments from Product, Development and IT

Check out these latest product developments and IT enhancements from Volusion headquarters.

There’s been a lot of activity on the first floor of Volusion headquarters. Whether it’s growing our product team to developing new ways to enhance our platform, we’re excited to share what’s going on inside our office.

One of our ongoing goals at Volusion is to stay better connected with our customers by sharing product announcements and news. The product, development and IT teams have been working hard to improve our software, infrastructure and time to market. We wanted to take a minute to share some of these updates with you.

Thriving in Austin

After much discussion and planning, we decided to co-locate all of Volusion’s corporate functions in one of the USA’s hottest technology areas, Austin, TX. This allows for an increased level of collaboration with Support, Marketing and Sales that can only happen from face to face interaction. We’re excited that dozens of our development and IT personnel have made the move from the coast to join the team in Austin.

This move will result in faster time to market with new products and faster resolution of questions and issues.

Key Additions

We’re focusing on building out the team to drive a) increased focus on our customers, their needs and the evolving ecommerce market and b) execution on designing and creating top notch ecommerce products.

In the last six months, we’ve added a Head of Product, Director of Development, Product Management and Marketing expertise, key development functions and we’re soon to add a Chief Architect.

Expect to see this team of industry experts to release some great new developments in the months to come.

Increasing Visibility

We want to be actively engaged with our customers. So in the coming months, expect to see more visibility from the product/development team:

  • Direct involvement in social media activities
  • A more active approach to communicating status and resolution on major issues
  • An increase in information on coming product enhancements

IT Enhancements

We’ve continued to make investments to improve our capacity, stability and performance of our hosting infrastructure:

  • Increased Capacity: As our customers grow, we need to ensure we are providing adequate room for expansion and have increased our hardware capacity accordingly.
  • Increased Performance: We’re implementing new load balancing measures, including Gzip compression and SSL offloading, which are already improving load times an estimated average of 15-25% and, after full implementation, will increase the performance of the checkout process.
  • Monitoring Everything: To keep a close eye on every Volusion storefront we have implemented new, enterprise-level monitoring on every website – watching both performance and up time.

New Product Developments

  • V11: The best ecommerce solution just became easier to use with our latest release. Currently in preview mode, the new version has already received positive reviews from our preview customers. Stay tuned for information on general availability or check out our V11 page:
  • Realex Partnership: We’ve recently partnered with Realex Payments, one of Europe’s leading payment gateway. This partnership allows us to provide great rates and customer service for our UK customers.
  • Renewed PCI DSS Certification: We’ve recently been recertified for PCI DSS Certification, a rigorous process that reaffirms the level of security that we continue to provide.


Now back to the development lab… please keep an eye out for additional exciting news in the coming months.

Happy selling!
-Ashley Menter, Product Marketing Manager, Volusion


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3 Responses to “Significant Developments from Product, Development and IT”

  1. Ken

    It appears this article was written on or before March 10, 2011.
    Taken from the statement above – “including Gzip compression”
    Is this enhancement still under construction? As stores continue to exceed bandwidth… it seems Gzip compression would be perfect. Adding “Gzip compression” to a store could save store owners up to 50% in monthly bandwidth. Also, most every other eCommerce platform offers this feature.
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Still love Volusion!

    • Matt

      Hi Ken,
      This post was actually written March 9, 2010. Nice catch! This enhancement has been fully implemented, so all Volusion sites are already gzipped. Thanks for such a thoughtful response! – Matt

  2. Sal Maggio

    How about compatibility with current browsers like IE 8 and Chrome

    It is a constant complaint and we lose a lot of business because the functionality does not check out!!


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